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Students are on hunger strike again! November 23, 2009

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Students disagrees with a government that is sinking us into poverty,

Students are protesting again! And I mean that in a good sense because students want to be heard by the government. They feel that the government is putting them aside as something that does not have value at all.  Just two month ago, in September 28 of 2009, students had a hunger strike to support a student who was arrested just for participating in a protest expressing his opposition to the way the government has acted.

The student Marco Aurelio Quiñones upheld the student will continue the hunger strike until they let in the American Commission to the country. “We can not consider that this government calling itself democratic undermines human rights. Are joining a few more students nationwide. Since the total 16 who are on hunger strike and has said he will not stop here until they are permitted access to the Interamerican Human Rights Commission, “he said.

The student of the University Marshal of Ayacucho, Ramses Guerra, known as the “Walker” said that young people are determined to leave life in the protest because it is time for the national government respects the rights of Venezuelans. [Taken from Globovision.com]

Why this has to happen? Where are the human rights of every Venezuelan?  In this corrupt government, it is obvious that we no longer have human right.  Now,  we have to secure ourself by paying others (the government).  The level of corruption and insecurity in Venezuela has reach levels that even the international community has placed Venezuela in the top most corrupted countries in the world.

I am so proud of my fellows students who got together in an emotive and  brave scene to stand up and show the government that the future of Venezuela will not tolerate more injustice.  It is a beautiful scene to see that across the country  students are fighting for the same cause.  Supporting each other is the key to win this fight, students must stand together and it is our responsibility to support them.   Now, students know the values of numbers, the more they are the more impact they are going to have on the media; which in turns, will force the government to face the issue.

what happened ?  Students are not getting the reaction that they wanted from the government . The Venezuelan government is ignoring all of their petitions. The students want the OEA to come to Venezuela and see the atrocities that President Chavez have done with the country. This time the students are not going to stop the hunger strike so easily. They want an ANSWER. An answer that will satisfied thousands of students around the nations.  I feel that we need to add our two cents to the students efforts by also raising our concerns and forcing the OEA to look at what is happening in Venezuela.  The international community cannot turn a blind eye on such a noble sacrifice.


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New Statistics November 22, 2009

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I cannot understand how people can be satisfied with Chavez’s performance as a president.

I am very irritated and disappointed with the performance of our president.  I cannot believe what I am reading.  People have been brain washed because I cannot understand how they can be satisfied with Chavez’s performance as a president.

According to Noticias24.com, “61,6%  of Venezuelans believe that the performance of the President Hugo Chavez had being good. 36,8% considered that the President ‘s performance is bad. “ [Taken from noticas24.com]

I think Chavez has manipulated the media as he always tries too. I cannot see how this statistics being possible, after all the wrong actions the president has done nationally and internationally.

Lately, Chavez has been  arrogant and ignorant towards Venezuela and other Countries.  He has been selfish and do not care about all the Venezuelans that follow him waiting for his administration to deliver solution that never arrive. He simply does not take the time to find the solution to Venezuela’s problems.   Instead, he fights verbally or corporally with anyone who opposed him, and not thinks about the consequences of his actions.  Chavez   is putting Venezuela against the wall with a bad reputation that no Venezuelan deserved.   I ask myself until when are we going to be in this situation? Why do we have to tolerate all the maltreatment of Chavez? Do we deserve this? All these questions constantly cross my mind with no answer. I hope that some,  you my blogger could tell me the answer and guide me in the right path.

Venezuela is not in its best moment . With a president that does not care about his people and the essential services are getting worse. What can we expect from now?  Is there a solution to our problem?

For now, we need to make people see that Chavez’s reality is not our reality.  As an example, for the president the local economy is doing good, but on the other hand the statistics shows something totally different.

“80,2 %  insecurity,unemployment (37,1%) and utilities(29,4%).”[Taken from noticias24.com]

These rates are alarming…. It is time to wake up from this dream, because  the future that it is waiting for us is getting darker and darker.


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Chavez vs Uribe

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President Hugo Chavez insulted his counterpart of Colombia, Mr. Alvaro Uribe

Lately, President Hugo Chavez insulted his counterpart of Colombia, Mr. Alvaro Uribe. The invective to Uribe contained acre words such as hypocrite, stupid, and U.S’s lackey. In addition, it seems that these aggressions against Colombia will continue in the future. But, why is President Chavez so angry about?  He insists that Colombia and United States have a complot against him and that Colombia’s installation of U.S. military bases is a clear sign of that. We all know that this is not true. Colombia has had many problems with the guerrilla FARK, and is using the American’s help in trying to eradicate such problem that has been holding back the Colombian’s progress.

“The Venezuelan news media has said that President Chavez already started to take action against Colombia by destroying two artisanal bridges.  Despite this aggressive attack by Chavez, the Colombian government has said that the only possible way of addressing this confrontation is through peaceful dialogue and the use of international organizations.” [Taken from eluniversal.com]

Without a doubt, Venezuelan’s president, Hugo Chavez, is trying to put President Uribe against the wall; however, Chavez has not received any retaliation or cue from his counterpart indicating that a war between frontier countries could ever take place.

“According to the Venezuelan newspaper, El Universal, the Colombian government has said that Venezuela will never even hear a whisper of war as far as Colombia is concerned.”  [Taken from eluniversal.com]

In my opinion, President Uribe is managing this delicate manner with shrewdness in order to smooth out the roughness that certainly there is between them.  I would like to know what the real reason behind Chavez’s aggressive behavior is. I hope that President Chavez analyzes carefully the situation because violence and war will not solve any problem.


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Vargas Tragedy

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Some people may not remember now the catastrophe of Vargas. This catastrophe took away lives, dreams, and hope of many people. Ten years have passed since those terrible days of agony for many Venezuelans and nothing has been done in order to restore what was left.  Venezuelans who lived there and had the economic resources migrated to other states seeking a safer place to live. But, have you ever asked yourself what happened to the less fortunate ones who also lived there? They stayed in Vargas, a place that does not have the necessary services to live but only the ruins to recall them those horrible days where many of them lost family members. As always, the government has promised many times to fix the problem, but these promises have not materialized into actions yet. In my opinion, the President and his Bolivarian Movement are a total failure. It deeply saddens me imagining the children in Vargas without schools to educate themselves or parks to have fun.

However, faced with the government’s apathy and insensitivity,” a group of students  or young people for Vargas is working to improve the lives of children still living in Vargas. They developed a program of Community Cinemas trying to promote cultural activity and community integration.” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

Children now are able to watch movies such as UP from Walt Disney. It must be very gratifying to see the joyful faces of children enjoying the movie. At last, children can have a little fun now and act as children. However, I am worry about what President Chavez could think of this. I hope this project continues to do its generous cause and that Chavez does not try to regulate it, imposing the broadcast of movies with political content or ideologies.

The video depicts the horror and tragedy that people suffer in Vargas.  More than ten days of unstop rain cause that the main river in Vargas overflow and cause this unforgettable catastrophe.


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Phrase of the day! November 19, 2009

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After reviewing my blogs, I realized that most of the news that I post about Venezuela are either negative, ugly, or outlandish. There is not a single day when we see a newscast or read a newspaper with news about President Chavez and his exploits. So today,  I will dedicate this space to give you my reader a motivational phrase. Venezuelans, right now, are hopeless.  We are unmotivated to move forward after hearing everyday about something foolish from President Chavez.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

~ Unknown

As a young person, I think it is time we get our hand duty and begin to create a future worth living. It is unfair that a single person has taken away our voice and our will to live. We’ve waited a long time, it’s time to stop this turmoil which is absorbing everything we have. I propose to unite our efforts to built a better nation for our children and ourselves. How much longer are we going to stand this injustice 15, 20 years under this regime? I hope people will open their eyes and realizes that this does not suit us, we should chart a future of peace without the mandate of a president who is not interested in his own people.


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Support from Fidel Castro! November 18, 2009

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Fidel Castro reappears in public

The dead man revived! After many month without public appeareances, Fidel Castro appears out of nowhere making statements supporting his compatriot Hugo Chávez. According to Fidel Castro, Chavez have not consider war as a way to resolve the conflict with Colombia. But we all know that Chavez is no white dove. He participated in the coup of February 3, 1992, which resulted in many people dead and small war in Venezuela. I think, it’s obvious that President Chavez likes to resolve things with a bloody undertone as he showed in 1992.

Unfortunately, Chavez knows how to sells his false personality, which everyone including President Castro and Venezuelan have boutght into it.

“I know Chavez, no one like him would be more reluctant to shed the blood between Venezuelan and Colombian” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

President Chavez has sold us the story of Colombia and the U.S. planning to conspire againt Venezuela.  According to him, they are responsible for this planned war.

According to noticierodigital, “Colombia’s paramilitaries are now the first shock troops to fight imperialism Bolivarian Revolution” and “the fight against drug trafficking is a common excuse to justify U.S. military agreement” with Colombia. “

Until when, are we going to continue with this little war that is going to take us nowhere. There are more serious problems that affect Venezuela such as poverty, corruption, and the president only focuses on a fictitious war. I think Chavez continues to play the media with the idea of a war so that his followers do not see the kind of corrupted president we have? We shall know when the media battle between these two countries finish and the people with not tolarate it anymore.


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More problems! November 17, 2009

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Chavez continues to isolate himself

While our president, Hugo Chavez continues to insult and push away our allies, Colombia is holding a huge export fair in Miami.  The government of Colombia is looking into diversifying their exports due to a recent sales drop to Venezuela in view of the political conflict.  The Uribe administration has boost export sales since their term began back in 2002 to a $37 billion dollars business last year.  Likewise, events are also schedule for Brazil, Chile and Guatemala to a smaller scale but with the same purpose as the one here in the US: to boost exports.

It is obvious that while Chavez concentrate is criticizing and insulting dignitaries of our bordering nation, our neighbors are reaching out to the nations in the region to help them improve their economy.  Our president instead decides to flight across the ocean to other socialist and communist countries to generate business.  There is nothing wrong in that, but I think that we also need a strong economic ties to the region. While the treaties with China and Rusia are profitable to Venezuela, the logistics of such treaties leave something to think about.

In recent interview, Hector Laconagta foreign minister of Paraguay said:

“probably gains internal support by creating supposed enemies” outside Venezuela, but that Paraguay under President Fernando Lugo maintains a pragmatic, conciliatory position and that “its diplomacy is neither leftist nor rightist.”

Paraguay’s Congress has blocked Venezuela from joining a regional trade bloc, saying Chavez has failed to respect democratic systems. [Taken from etaiwannews.com]

Most people are turning their back to Venezuela because they are afraid to deal with a maniac who one day is a good friend and the next is your enemy.  Venezuela needs an economic boost despetately, but our governement instead is playing witch doctor zapping clouds to make them rain.


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