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Vargas Tragedy November 22, 2009

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Some people may not remember now the catastrophe of Vargas. This catastrophe took away lives, dreams, and hope of many people. Ten years have passed since those terrible days of agony for many Venezuelans and nothing has been done in order to restore what was left.  Venezuelans who lived there and had the economic resources migrated to other states seeking a safer place to live. But, have you ever asked yourself what happened to the less fortunate ones who also lived there? They stayed in Vargas, a place that does not have the necessary services to live but only the ruins to recall them those horrible days where many of them lost family members. As always, the government has promised many times to fix the problem, but these promises have not materialized into actions yet. In my opinion, the President and his Bolivarian Movement are a total failure. It deeply saddens me imagining the children in Vargas without schools to educate themselves or parks to have fun.

However, faced with the government’s apathy and insensitivity,” a group of students  or young people for Vargas is working to improve the lives of children still living in Vargas. They developed a program of Community Cinemas trying to promote cultural activity and community integration.” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

Children now are able to watch movies such as UP from Walt Disney. It must be very gratifying to see the joyful faces of children enjoying the movie. At last, children can have a little fun now and act as children. However, I am worry about what President Chavez could think of this. I hope this project continues to do its generous cause and that Chavez does not try to regulate it, imposing the broadcast of movies with political content or ideologies.

The video depicts the horror and tragedy that people suffer in Vargas.  More than ten days of unstop rain cause that the main river in Vargas overflow and cause this unforgettable catastrophe.


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Phrase of the day! November 19, 2009

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After reviewing my blogs, I realized that most of the news that I post about Venezuela are either negative, ugly, or outlandish. There is not a single day when we see a newscast or read a newspaper with news about President Chavez and his exploits. So today,  I will dedicate this space to give you my reader a motivational phrase. Venezuelans, right now, are hopeless.  We are unmotivated to move forward after hearing everyday about something foolish from President Chavez.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

~ Unknown

As a young person, I think it is time we get our hand duty and begin to create a future worth living. It is unfair that a single person has taken away our voice and our will to live. We’ve waited a long time, it’s time to stop this turmoil which is absorbing everything we have. I propose to unite our efforts to built a better nation for our children and ourselves. How much longer are we going to stand this injustice 15, 20 years under this regime? I hope people will open their eyes and realizes that this does not suit us, we should chart a future of peace without the mandate of a president who is not interested in his own people.


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Support from Fidel Castro! November 18, 2009

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Fidel Castro reappears in public

The dead man revived! After many month without public appeareances, Fidel Castro appears out of nowhere making statements supporting his compatriot Hugo Chávez. According to Fidel Castro, Chavez have not consider war as a way to resolve the conflict with Colombia. But we all know that Chavez is no white dove. He participated in the coup of February 3, 1992, which resulted in many people dead and small war in Venezuela. I think, it’s obvious that President Chavez likes to resolve things with a bloody undertone as he showed in 1992.

Unfortunately, Chavez knows how to sells his false personality, which everyone including President Castro and Venezuelan have boutght into it.

“I know Chavez, no one like him would be more reluctant to shed the blood between Venezuelan and Colombian” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

President Chavez has sold us the story of Colombia and the U.S. planning to conspire againt Venezuela.  According to him, they are responsible for this planned war.

According to noticierodigital, “Colombia’s paramilitaries are now the first shock troops to fight imperialism Bolivarian Revolution” and “the fight against drug trafficking is a common excuse to justify U.S. military agreement” with Colombia. “

Until when, are we going to continue with this little war that is going to take us nowhere. There are more serious problems that affect Venezuela such as poverty, corruption, and the president only focuses on a fictitious war. I think Chavez continues to play the media with the idea of a war so that his followers do not see the kind of corrupted president we have? We shall know when the media battle between these two countries finish and the people with not tolarate it anymore.


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More problems! November 17, 2009

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Chavez continues to isolate himself

While our president, Hugo Chavez continues to insult and push away our allies, Colombia is holding a huge export fair in Miami.  The government of Colombia is looking into diversifying their exports due to a recent sales drop to Venezuela in view of the political conflict.  The Uribe administration has boost export sales since their term began back in 2002 to a $37 billion dollars business last year.  Likewise, events are also schedule for Brazil, Chile and Guatemala to a smaller scale but with the same purpose as the one here in the US: to boost exports.

It is obvious that while Chavez concentrate is criticizing and insulting dignitaries of our bordering nation, our neighbors are reaching out to the nations in the region to help them improve their economy.  Our president instead decides to flight across the ocean to other socialist and communist countries to generate business.  There is nothing wrong in that, but I think that we also need a strong economic ties to the region. While the treaties with China and Rusia are profitable to Venezuela, the logistics of such treaties leave something to think about.

In recent interview, Hector Laconagta foreign minister of Paraguay said:

“probably gains internal support by creating supposed enemies” outside Venezuela, but that Paraguay under President Fernando Lugo maintains a pragmatic, conciliatory position and that “its diplomacy is neither leftist nor rightist.”

Paraguay’s Congress has blocked Venezuela from joining a regional trade bloc, saying Chavez has failed to respect democratic systems. [Taken from etaiwannews.com]

Most people are turning their back to Venezuela because they are afraid to deal with a maniac who one day is a good friend and the next is your enemy.  Venezuela needs an economic boost despetately, but our governement instead is playing witch doctor zapping clouds to make them rain.


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Enough is Enough!

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students ofUSM protesting against lack of security at campus

Enough is enough!

Until when is the voice of the student will be IGNORED? It is that we have not acted with a firm hand with the authorities. We can’t let the authorities mistreat us, treat us like puppets which they can control as they wish. Enough is enough!

In Santa Maria University, USM, the security is chaotic. Robberies are happening more than ever and insufficient lighting is the primary cause of the problem. The school authorities have not done anything to improve the situation which has already taken several months to be recognized as a problem.  I wonder if the school administration will do something about it, are they concerned for the sake of the students?

“After a meeting with the authorities of the University of Santa Maria to require lighting of the facility and increase internal security, student representatives appealed to stop the activities until they get an answer is” clear “to those requests . [Taken form el-nacional.com]

Students have found a way that never fails-protest.  Through strikes, students can force school authorities to analyze and act on all the problems the college is facing.

“The president of the Students of the School of Social Communication of the University of Santa Maria, Luis Olivo, reported Tuesday that the university community of this house of studies called student strike until the university authorities give them specific and detailed answers, ‘with date and time “to address the problem of uncertainty facing the University.” [Taken from el-nacional.com]

I really hope that the authorities act as they should and not let more time pass by. It must seek a win-win situation where both groups will benefit and not just a self-interest group as has been customary. It is time to stop being selfish and think of others, not just in one self-interest!

According to the newspaper El Nacional, students are prepared for an indefinite strike if the authorities do not give the required answers. I put myself in the place of all the USM students andI know it must be frustrating feeling every day that you are running the risk of an attack or hijack and you cannot do anything to protect yourself. I hope this strike comes to an agreement where the terms are suitable for students request, because if they lose the strike students would lose a lot: their sense of pride and courage.


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The corruption is killing us

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Venezuela rank high in corruption

While watching the news, it did not surprise me to see what I saw: Venezuela is one of the world’s most corrupted countries according to Transparency International in Berlin. Day by day,  we are moving closer to the number one spot. Why are we not doing anything to prevent this tragedy that affects us all? We must stop thinking about our own interest and think more about the nation as a whole. It’s time to stop this tragedy NOW!

What has we become? It makes me angry to see that President Chavez continues to brag about his success. He continues to say in his TV show that everything is in working order and that corruption is increasingly diminishing. I can’t comprehend how people do not realize the abyss we’re in and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave.

Venezuela is ranked 162 out of 180 nations. This is an indication that Venezuela “has” high levels of poverty and urgently requires strong and transparent institutions that can facilitate economic development more than necessary, “according to Transparency International.” [Taken from chiminoticias]

It would be incredible to see how the government would implement all the tricks they have learned during the last ten years to get the country out of corruption we are. It is possible for the president to be more concerned about his domestic issues and less about the international media? He should let them take care of their own problems and concentrate in solving our econmoic and energy crisis.

What await us for next year? Will the corruption double or triple? I really hope that it will decrease as much as possible, but I really see it as an impossible dream. President Chavez has been very involved in this corruption that is eating Venezuela alive. Who can help us if we can not count on the president?

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Chavez new game!

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Now, he thinks he can control the weather.

I hate to open this post with a quote, but I feel that it is important for you to read this piece from Discovery Magazine:

“I’m going in a plane; any cloud that crosses me, I’ll zap it so that it rains,” Chavez said.

Seeding the clouds doesn’t do any good if there’s no moisture to begin with, but we presume that President Chavez wants to try anything that might help. Anyway, “zapping” is a more pleasing alternative to threatening, which the president previously tried on his countrymen. From UPI:

Earlier this month Chavez accused Venezuelans, including businesses, of wasting water and warned of tough punitive measures. He advised people … to limit showering to three minutes. Jacuzzis, watering of lawns and flowerbeds and filling of swimming pools have all been banned. [Taken from Discovery]

I wonder if he came up with this on his own, or did he get it from someone else? Well, the idea was first used by the chinise during the Summer Olimpics, officials were afraid that it might rain on opening day so they decided to spay the clouds with chemical to reduce the chances of rain.  Now,  the major of Moscow is also using the same method as the chinise to stop snow from falling in the city.  But both of these have been used to prevent rain, no to promote rain.

So, Chavez decided to called on Cuban scientist to do the opposite and create rain.  All this sounds like taken from the pages of  Marquez  “Hundred Years of Solitude”.  He is going on a plane and as stated above, any clouds he see, he is going to “zap it’ to make it rain.  Forget about all the enviormental consequences that this ridiculous experiment may cause.  But why don’t we asked the chinise what happened to them after the Olympic Games.

Cloud seeding has been practiced by China, most recently during a drought this year, but has also been blamed for unpredictable — and sometimes disastrous — results. In China weather altering was blamed for a snow blizzard that killed at least 40 people and caused more than $500 million in damages. [Taken from the UPI.com]

Chavez wants to play God, and he needs to be very careful!!!!  He is playing with our life and our nation.


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Chavez and his pretended war! November 15, 2009

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Where is he leading us?

Following up with  the previous post and after listening to all the nonsense of President Chavez , the international media had finally fed up with him.  Having said  that there will be war with Colombia in his weekly show and later denying the order, the international media is questioning and not taking part in Chavez media game.

“The Washington Post devoted its editorial Thursday the bellicose rhetoric of President Hugo Chávez. He recalled the statements made on Sunday and the Venezuelan president said that “is just another instance of Mr. Chavez’s bluster. However, the Washington Post found that the commentary should not be underestimated. ” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

Chavez’s constant outbursts against the US government or any other government that does not support his dictatorship has become a common theme for his weekly show.   In the last month or so, the most affected have been the U.S. and Colombia. The president did not lose any time during his show  to attack these two allies in some way.

“We will accept that this is just another instance of Mr. Chavez’s bluster,” says the editorial. “Still, it’s worth noting: This is the second time that Mr Chavez has ordered troops to the Colombian border and suggested that hostilities are imminent.”

Thanks God that we all now can see who the real President Chavez is and should try to unite power in order to solve the real Venezuelan problems.

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The strategy is getting old

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Already the game has gone too far! According to the Venezuelan government, Colombia and the United States are preparing a plan to destabilize Venezuela.  Is that true?  I think not! I think this is the brainchild of President Chavez trying to mislead the public into believing there will be a real war against Colombia in order to cover his inability to solve the Venezuelan problems. Somewhat naive, Chavez continues to believe that he can derail the attention of Venezuelans declaring this fictional war against Colombia. But that strategy has been used so many times lately that Venezuelans are not buying it anymore.  Unfortunately, however,  most Venezuelans do not question what Chavez claim, or at least  check his statements to make a judgment on a decision that will affect the future of the nation.  To say that a country will attack another is a dangerous claim and it puts the life of millions of people in danger.

According Noticierodigital, During the program” Dando y Dando “VTV, the National Assembly President Cilia Flores, criticized the military agreement between the U.S. and Colombia, and insisted that both countries are behind a plan to destabilize Venezuela. He denied the National Government seeks the war. “

The government wants to look like they are the “good guys” , as they often play to the public and the international media. Chavez and his associates want to appear as the heros and honestly I do not think they are.  Chavez has to bear the consequences of his acts.

How ironic it is to say that you are (the Venezuelan government) the “engine of Peace” when they are sending troops to the Colombian border.  Chavez continues to do what he pleases and nobody dares to question his decisions.  The country is in ruins thanks to the president’s barmy ideas. The economic and energy crisis in Venezuela is getting worse,  but the government is doing nothing to change. Where are they heading to with this kind of government? It is all lies and all it does is trying to cover its negligence by manipulating the their media.


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The coward backs down! November 11, 2009

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Chavez changes tone, Colombia happy

After insulting some of our best allies, Colombia, Chavez retracted when he reliaze that he was between a hard place and a rock. After following the news every day, we could observe how the president was using his power and the army to promotea war that makes no sense. In the news, we could see when Chavez distribute weapons to the troops to be ready for his imaginary war. A war that makes no sense.

“Chavez urged the military and the people to prepare” for war “against the threat that he represents a military agreement between Colombia and the United States allowing U.S. troops to use seven bases in Colombia for ten years.” [taken from eluniversal.com]

In the blink of an eye, history changed. After he reliaze that the international community was not supporting his efforts, the president decided to deny what he had said.

“Last night denied he had called for war with Colombia” [Taken from bloomberg.com]
I do not know how a person can change his mind in a blik of an eye. It could be that Chavez suffers from short-term memory and therefore he can’t remember or even worse he simply plays it stupid. It’s amazing how the president wants to be involved in the other affairs if other countries, when in fact those decisions do not concern him. The president has to be focused on Venezuela, its people and the problems that affects the country.

I think Chavez wants is to advertise the weapons he bought from the Russians.  He is pressure to justify such a huge expendeture, while the country has no electricity and water. When are we going to see the end of this? His narcissism is corroding him alive and soon he will be to the point when nobody will be able to stop him.


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