Wake Up Venezuela!

The real voice Venezuelan opposing Hugo Chavez's regime!

About September 9, 2009

I want to introduce to the world my blog, which is based on actual information but with a personal touch of my opinion.   It is important to express my view, my ideology, and my path in order to create a connection between,  you the reader and me,  the blogger.  The purpose of my  blog is  to inform you of all the atrocities that the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, is committing with his ideologies of the Socialism of  the XXI  Century. The people of my country don’t see the reality.  Unfortunately,  they are close minded and want to believe whatever lies Chavez throw at them.  I hope with my blog I can convince people  to see the truth a– a truth- that is hidden  far away  from Venezuelans.

I really hate politics, I am not really into it and I don’t understand it.  But I really get upset when an injustice is done in the name of progress.  President Hugo Chavez took over the nation in 1999 with a platform based on social equalities for all citizens, less corruptions and beurocracy, and more benefits for political parties.  Many bought his promise of change, winning the presidency of Venezuela with the support of the majority of the nation.  But 10 years in power has demonstrated that his true intentions were set on something totally different.  With a campaign based on political lies, President Chavez rollout a plan of social reforms by re-distributing private business to a governmental entities.   The lower class saw this movement as a mean to bring equality to the Venezuelan people.  The government now had more capital to invest in social programs, members of the lower classes felt that their needs were being met by the new government.  It was not too long when the nation was divided in those favoring Chavez and those who opposed his regime of a modern robin hood.  In a cloud of confusion, most people began to see the new social services as an extension of his political campaign and the confusion of economic system and political regime began.


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