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Honduras has a new president December 2, 2009

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Members of ALBA opposed election in Honduras at the Ibero-America Summit

Honduras has a new president.  This past Sunday, the people of Honduras elected a new president in a peaceful and civil manner that has shocked the international community.  Many countries do not recognize the new government because of way ex-president Zelaya was substituted. I must make a statement here, I will not write about what is right or wrong with the elections, I always had said that we must respect the decision of other nations and that we should not get involved.  I want to talk about something that as a communication major impacted me a lot.  The elections in Honduras was a major news event this past weekend, and Telesur was there to cover the event.  It is about Telesur and Chavez influence on the media that I will write about.

As we all know, Telesur is a television network funded and supported by Chavez.  In plain words it will broadcast what he wants the world to know.  On one hand, Chavez has closed many television stations, radio stations and newspapers; while on the other, he is replacing those mediums with his own channels.  Now, he can control what people hear, see, and read.  It is a win win situation for him.

The countries are grouped in the ALBA not recognize the elections as “illegal and illegitimate” because they were “organized by a dictatorship that has been ignored by the Honduran people and the international community.” The constitutional president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, remains in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa since last September. From there, called the elections a “lie” that only seeks to “wash the face of a military coup. [Taken from Telesurtv.net]

Telesur broadcast to all the ALBA nations, it is presented as a channel with news and educational programming reaching all audiences.  Well in the recent coverage to the elections in Honduras, Telesur announced that the turn over of voters in Honduras was less than 35%, while respectable news sources like CNN and BBC put the marks close to 65%.  Why would Telesur do something like this? It is obvious that Chavez wants to undermined the election in Honduras and force the international community to reject the new elected government.

This video is a broadcast of RT, a Russian news medium which has the same intentions as Telesur.


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