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What do people know? November 24, 2009

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Chávez praises Carlos, Mugabe: 'I don't care what they say about me in Europe'

Just in my last post, I praised the effort and courage that my fellow students are demonstrating with their hunger strike to encourage the OEA to investigate the human rights violations under President Chavez’s administration.
But what I read today, I have no words to fully express my anger and disgust to this man.  I mean Hugo Chavez, I called him simply a man, a general term because I see no other way, unless to use words that I do not use at all.  In a recent article by the UK Guardian, president Chavez praised some of the most horrible human beings in the world and elevated them to a level of a hero or a martyr.
As many dictators have done in the past, Chavez demonstrate empathy and admirations for the work others like him has done.  But, What do people know? On one hand, we have all the truth about Chavez, while on the other, is what his followers belief he is and what he represent.  Now, somewhere where those two ideas meet is the knowledge we have adquired about the man that is taking Venezuela to a complete disaster.  A man that has realized that he has no limitations and borders, he feels that whatever he thinks is an absolute truth and will destroy anyone who dares to oppose him.  What we know now, it is totally different from the man we thought we helped to the presidency.  This is  a man that has lost his humanity, and here is a proof.

Chávez defended other leaders he said were wrongly branded “bad guys”, including Mugabe and Ahmadinejad, a close ally who is due to visit Caracas this week during a South America tour. He also said that Amin, whose regime is accused of killing 300,000 Ugandans in the 70s, may not have been so bad. “We thought he was a cannibal. I have doubts. I don’t know, maybe he was a great nationalist, a patriot.” [Taken from the guardian.co.uk]

Play this audio file to hear a commentary by Rory Carroll.

I have nothing else to say, after you hear the comments by Mr. Carroll, you will see that there is definitely something wrong with a man that intentionally makes remarks that will cause a lot of harm to people and shows no remorse.


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