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Lets stop the injustice NOW! November 24, 2009

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National Guard officials and INTI simultaneously involved five farms in the state of Guarico, claiming vacant lots.

What an injustice. The Venezuelan government has gone too far this time. After intervene five farms in Guárico with the excuse to better use the land., they took possession of the properties and only God knows what they are going to do with them.  If you have being following the news, you will notice that this is not the first time that Chavez‘s administration do this kind of atrocities.

National Guard officials and INTI simultaneously involved five farms in the state of Guarico, claiming vacant lots.” [Taken from noticietodigital.com]

The first farm that Chavez intervene, today is in ruins.  It does not look anything like to what it was before.  It looks like an empty land that never has produce a piece of corn.  I ask myself why the government keep doing this, to intervene farm land if they are not going to produce or use the land at all.

“Our farms are fully productive.  My husband is widely known in Guarico and other states across the country for their great commitment and drive. Our motto is to work and produce for Venezuela.  Venezuela, wake up.  Is the food you are taking.  Chavez reflects.  They had guns to intimidate us. We are not afraid and are ready to everything, “he said. [Taken from globovision.com]

After analyzing this matter deeply , I get to the conclusion that Chavez and his ekuaces  can stand people who are rich or high middle class. It does not matter,  if these people work day and night to have what they have today. The government wants to eliminate the rich as soon as possible since they are an obstacle in Chavezś objectives.   This is an injustice that should be taking care of by the international court.  How many more farms are being intervene in order for us to act? Lets stop the injustice NOW!


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