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“Football for Peace” November 24, 2009

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Soccer for Peace

Until when we have to hear about the pretended war between Venezuela and our neighbor Colombia.   It has being more than two  weeks and we keeps hearing the same stories over and over.  When this problem is going to stop?

Since the president and his fellow followers are not  giving up the problem for the peace of Venezuela. A group of soccer players, most college students,  decided to take action on their own hands.  These students  are promoting a game called “ Soccer for Peace” in which player from Venezuela and Colombia will have a friendly match in order to demonstrate the government of both countries that Venezuela and Colombia can have a good relationship.

Young explained that the activity will be in a friendly football game between a young Venezuelan eleventh and a team of young Colombians.  Zulia leader of “Generation Free”, Lester Toledo, stressed that “harmony, reconciliation, tolerance and joy is what we want for the two countries.  The only reason that we deal with Colombia is in the goals in a soccer field. [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

To the misfortune of Venezuelans, President Chavez, continues  with the idea of a senseless war, which he is the only one that believe it, because  neither the President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe or the people of Venezuela approves it.

When will be the time that President Chavez will take decision thinking not selfish but in its people first. It is inevitable for people not to show hate and rejection towards the poor actions president Chavez has taken, when we have been the victims. This is enough, until when are we going to stand for this injustice!

Below is the statement made by the soccer players:

Young Venezuelans express concern about a possible war with the sister nation of Colombia.

Venezuela far from seeking a war with a country historically brother, who would bring any positive balance, as well history has shown us in past centuries, should be an advocate for a true peace in the region.

Our foreign policy should seek closer ties, consolidate peace and to deepen cooperation with Colombia that will bring benefits to our peoples and Latin America.

Respect should be the basis of our diplomatic relations. Governments and politicians pass, but the history, traditions, language and the border remains.  This is why we consider essential that involve the various political, economic and social of the two countries to implement resolutions to complex issues such as arms trafficking, drug trafficking and subversive groups.

We call upon our Armed Forces who is due to the clamor of the people and seek a far-reaching conflict with Colombia, our nation cries out, as always, for peace.

Think of the young soldiers, mothers, Colombia’s neighbors that make life in Venezuela and Venezuelans who make life in Colombia.

Let us remember the bloodshed that left the twentieth century, probably the most violent in history. Two World Wars, conflicts in the Middle East, civil wars and armed struggles in Africa in Central America left regretted losses.

Children left without parents and children without parents.  Work for a full century of peace, integration, brotherhood and harmony.

The war must be against organized crime, poverty, hunger, poverty and corruption.

Present Future Foundation
Freedom of Movement Generation


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