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An Eye Openner! November 24, 2009

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Another two newspapers were closed by the Chavez Administration

After listening to the interview and commentaries of Mr. Carrol from the Guardian, I realized that my many posts about how Chavez plays the media were not in vain.  It is interesting to hear it from a professional communicator and an authority like the Guardian, they are probably really concerned about the implications of such a manipulative move by Chavez.  There is one thing, I will grant Chavez, as a communication major, he really knows how to use the proper theories and most importantly he finds real application to them.  I must also admit that I really doubt that all this scheme may be his creation, I like to belief that there is another mastermind behind Chavez.  In my opinion he is simply a show man, with a huge ego for television.

Nonetheless, the international media need his, now common, insults and out loud commentaries.  What is a bit striking to me, is the way the international media is handling Chavez constant attacks on the local press.  Since he became president of Venezuela, one of his major objective is to gain full control of the local media.  But, when you try to find news of this events in the international scene, the facts are presented in a very soft undertone.  As if the international media, only cares about the Chavez claiming that the UN smell of sulfur.

Just two days ago, Chavez and his followers did it again.  Another two opposition newspapers were closed, or their licences were not renew, due to their firm opposition of Chavez´ s administration.

Officials from a local tax office in Libertador — the only one of the five municipalities in the capital that’s still under pro-Chavez control — ordered the “closure for an indefinite time” of a daily newspaper, El Nuevo Pais, and a weekly magazine, Zeta, on Thursday. Both publications make little secret of their disapproval of the president and his policies. [Taken from laht.com]

Why are we letting him dictates what we hear or read?  What it is very hard for me to understand is that even at the international level, people have realized that Chavez is a manipulator, but nobody is doing anything to stop him.


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