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Students are on hunger strike again! November 23, 2009

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Students disagrees with a government that is sinking us into poverty,

Students are protesting again! And I mean that in a good sense because students want to be heard by the government. They feel that the government is putting them aside as something that does not have value at all.  Just two month ago, in September 28 of 2009, students had a hunger strike to support a student who was arrested just for participating in a protest expressing his opposition to the way the government has acted.

The student Marco Aurelio Quiñones upheld the student will continue the hunger strike until they let in the American Commission to the country. “We can not consider that this government calling itself democratic undermines human rights. Are joining a few more students nationwide. Since the total 16 who are on hunger strike and has said he will not stop here until they are permitted access to the Interamerican Human Rights Commission, “he said.

The student of the University Marshal of Ayacucho, Ramses Guerra, known as the “Walker” said that young people are determined to leave life in the protest because it is time for the national government respects the rights of Venezuelans. [Taken from Globovision.com]

Why this has to happen? Where are the human rights of every Venezuelan?  In this corrupt government, it is obvious that we no longer have human right.  Now,  we have to secure ourself by paying others (the government).  The level of corruption and insecurity in Venezuela has reach levels that even the international community has placed Venezuela in the top most corrupted countries in the world.

I am so proud of my fellows students who got together in an emotive and  brave scene to stand up and show the government that the future of Venezuela will not tolerate more injustice.  It is a beautiful scene to see that across the country  students are fighting for the same cause.  Supporting each other is the key to win this fight, students must stand together and it is our responsibility to support them.   Now, students know the values of numbers, the more they are the more impact they are going to have on the media; which in turns, will force the government to face the issue.

what happened ?  Students are not getting the reaction that they wanted from the government . The Venezuelan government is ignoring all of their petitions. The students want the OEA to come to Venezuela and see the atrocities that President Chavez have done with the country. This time the students are not going to stop the hunger strike so easily. They want an ANSWER. An answer that will satisfied thousands of students around the nations.  I feel that we need to add our two cents to the students efforts by also raising our concerns and forcing the OEA to look at what is happening in Venezuela.  The international community cannot turn a blind eye on such a noble sacrifice.


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