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Vargas Tragedy November 22, 2009

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Some people may not remember now the catastrophe of Vargas. This catastrophe took away lives, dreams, and hope of many people. Ten years have passed since those terrible days of agony for many Venezuelans and nothing has been done in order to restore what was left.  Venezuelans who lived there and had the economic resources migrated to other states seeking a safer place to live. But, have you ever asked yourself what happened to the less fortunate ones who also lived there? They stayed in Vargas, a place that does not have the necessary services to live but only the ruins to recall them those horrible days where many of them lost family members. As always, the government has promised many times to fix the problem, but these promises have not materialized into actions yet. In my opinion, the President and his Bolivarian Movement are a total failure. It deeply saddens me imagining the children in Vargas without schools to educate themselves or parks to have fun.

However, faced with the government’s apathy and insensitivity,” a group of students  or young people for Vargas is working to improve the lives of children still living in Vargas. They developed a program of Community Cinemas trying to promote cultural activity and community integration.” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

Children now are able to watch movies such as UP from Walt Disney. It must be very gratifying to see the joyful faces of children enjoying the movie. At last, children can have a little fun now and act as children. However, I am worry about what President Chavez could think of this. I hope this project continues to do its generous cause and that Chavez does not try to regulate it, imposing the broadcast of movies with political content or ideologies.

The video depicts the horror and tragedy that people suffer in Vargas.  More than ten days of unstop rain cause that the main river in Vargas overflow and cause this unforgettable catastrophe.


Online Source:

  • News Clip: noticierodigital.com
  • Video: YouTube

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