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New Statistics November 22, 2009

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I cannot understand how people can be satisfied with Chavez’s performance as a president.

I am very irritated and disappointed with the performance of our president.  I cannot believe what I am reading.  People have been brain washed because I cannot understand how they can be satisfied with Chavez’s performance as a president.

According to Noticias24.com, “61,6%  of Venezuelans believe that the performance of the President Hugo Chavez had being good. 36,8% considered that the President ‘s performance is bad. “ [Taken from noticas24.com]

I think Chavez has manipulated the media as he always tries too. I cannot see how this statistics being possible, after all the wrong actions the president has done nationally and internationally.

Lately, Chavez has been  arrogant and ignorant towards Venezuela and other Countries.  He has been selfish and do not care about all the Venezuelans that follow him waiting for his administration to deliver solution that never arrive. He simply does not take the time to find the solution to Venezuela’s problems.   Instead, he fights verbally or corporally with anyone who opposed him, and not thinks about the consequences of his actions.  Chavez   is putting Venezuela against the wall with a bad reputation that no Venezuelan deserved.   I ask myself until when are we going to be in this situation? Why do we have to tolerate all the maltreatment of Chavez? Do we deserve this? All these questions constantly cross my mind with no answer. I hope that some,  you my blogger could tell me the answer and guide me in the right path.

Venezuela is not in its best moment . With a president that does not care about his people and the essential services are getting worse. What can we expect from now?  Is there a solution to our problem?

For now, we need to make people see that Chavez’s reality is not our reality.  As an example, for the president the local economy is doing good, but on the other hand the statistics shows something totally different.

“80,2 %  insecurity,unemployment (37,1%) and utilities(29,4%).”[Taken from noticias24.com]

These rates are alarming…. It is time to wake up from this dream, because  the future that it is waiting for us is getting darker and darker.


Online Sources:

  • Image: Google
  • News Clip: noticias24.com

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