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Chavez vs Uribe November 22, 2009

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President Hugo Chavez insulted his counterpart of Colombia, Mr. Alvaro Uribe

Lately, President Hugo Chavez insulted his counterpart of Colombia, Mr. Alvaro Uribe. The invective to Uribe contained acre words such as hypocrite, stupid, and U.S’s lackey. In addition, it seems that these aggressions against Colombia will continue in the future. But, why is President Chavez so angry about?  He insists that Colombia and United States have a complot against him and that Colombia’s installation of U.S. military bases is a clear sign of that. We all know that this is not true. Colombia has had many problems with the guerrilla FARK, and is using the American’s help in trying to eradicate such problem that has been holding back the Colombian’s progress.

“The Venezuelan news media has said that President Chavez already started to take action against Colombia by destroying two artisanal bridges.  Despite this aggressive attack by Chavez, the Colombian government has said that the only possible way of addressing this confrontation is through peaceful dialogue and the use of international organizations.” [Taken from eluniversal.com]

Without a doubt, Venezuelan’s president, Hugo Chavez, is trying to put President Uribe against the wall; however, Chavez has not received any retaliation or cue from his counterpart indicating that a war between frontier countries could ever take place.

“According to the Venezuelan newspaper, El Universal, the Colombian government has said that Venezuela will never even hear a whisper of war as far as Colombia is concerned.”  [Taken from eluniversal.com]

In my opinion, President Uribe is managing this delicate manner with shrewdness in order to smooth out the roughness that certainly there is between them.  I would like to know what the real reason behind Chavez’s aggressive behavior is. I hope that President Chavez analyzes carefully the situation because violence and war will not solve any problem.


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