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Phrase of the day! November 19, 2009

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After reviewing my blogs, I realized that most of the news that I post about Venezuela are either negative, ugly, or outlandish. There is not a single day when we see a newscast or read a newspaper with news about President Chavez and his exploits. So today,  I will dedicate this space to give you my reader a motivational phrase. Venezuelans, right now, are hopeless.  We are unmotivated to move forward after hearing everyday about something foolish from President Chavez.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

~ Unknown

As a young person, I think it is time we get our hand duty and begin to create a future worth living. It is unfair that a single person has taken away our voice and our will to live. We’ve waited a long time, it’s time to stop this turmoil which is absorbing everything we have. I propose to unite our efforts to built a better nation for our children and ourselves. How much longer are we going to stand this injustice 15, 20 years under this regime? I hope people will open their eyes and realizes that this does not suit us, we should chart a future of peace without the mandate of a president who is not interested in his own people.


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