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Support from Fidel Castro! November 18, 2009

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Fidel Castro reappears in public

The dead man revived! After many month without public appeareances, Fidel Castro appears out of nowhere making statements supporting his compatriot Hugo Chávez. According to Fidel Castro, Chavez have not consider war as a way to resolve the conflict with Colombia. But we all know that Chavez is no white dove. He participated in the coup of February 3, 1992, which resulted in many people dead and small war in Venezuela. I think, it’s obvious that President Chavez likes to resolve things with a bloody undertone as he showed in 1992.

Unfortunately, Chavez knows how to sells his false personality, which everyone including President Castro and Venezuelan have boutght into it.

“I know Chavez, no one like him would be more reluctant to shed the blood between Venezuelan and Colombian” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

President Chavez has sold us the story of Colombia and the U.S. planning to conspire againt Venezuela.  According to him, they are responsible for this planned war.

According to noticierodigital, “Colombia’s paramilitaries are now the first shock troops to fight imperialism Bolivarian Revolution” and “the fight against drug trafficking is a common excuse to justify U.S. military agreement” with Colombia. “

Until when, are we going to continue with this little war that is going to take us nowhere. There are more serious problems that affect Venezuela such as poverty, corruption, and the president only focuses on a fictitious war. I think Chavez continues to play the media with the idea of a war so that his followers do not see the kind of corrupted president we have? We shall know when the media battle between these two countries finish and the people with not tolarate it anymore.


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