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The corruption is killing us November 17, 2009

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Venezuela rank high in corruption

While watching the news, it did not surprise me to see what I saw: Venezuela is one of the world’s most corrupted countries according to Transparency International in Berlin. Day by day,  we are moving closer to the number one spot. Why are we not doing anything to prevent this tragedy that affects us all? We must stop thinking about our own interest and think more about the nation as a whole. It’s time to stop this tragedy NOW!

What has we become? It makes me angry to see that President Chavez continues to brag about his success. He continues to say in his TV show that everything is in working order and that corruption is increasingly diminishing. I can’t comprehend how people do not realize the abyss we’re in and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to leave.

Venezuela is ranked 162 out of 180 nations. This is an indication that Venezuela “has” high levels of poverty and urgently requires strong and transparent institutions that can facilitate economic development more than necessary, “according to Transparency International.” [Taken from chiminoticias]

It would be incredible to see how the government would implement all the tricks they have learned during the last ten years to get the country out of corruption we are. It is possible for the president to be more concerned about his domestic issues and less about the international media? He should let them take care of their own problems and concentrate in solving our econmoic and energy crisis.

What await us for next year? Will the corruption double or triple? I really hope that it will decrease as much as possible, but I really see it as an impossible dream. President Chavez has been very involved in this corruption that is eating Venezuela alive. Who can help us if we can not count on the president?

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