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More problems! November 17, 2009

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Chavez continues to isolate himself

While our president, Hugo Chavez continues to insult and push away our allies, Colombia is holding a huge export fair in Miami.  The government of Colombia is looking into diversifying their exports due to a recent sales drop to Venezuela in view of the political conflict.  The Uribe administration has boost export sales since their term began back in 2002 to a $37 billion dollars business last year.  Likewise, events are also schedule for Brazil, Chile and Guatemala to a smaller scale but with the same purpose as the one here in the US: to boost exports.

It is obvious that while Chavez concentrate is criticizing and insulting dignitaries of our bordering nation, our neighbors are reaching out to the nations in the region to help them improve their economy.  Our president instead decides to flight across the ocean to other socialist and communist countries to generate business.  There is nothing wrong in that, but I think that we also need a strong economic ties to the region. While the treaties with China and Rusia are profitable to Venezuela, the logistics of such treaties leave something to think about.

In recent interview, Hector Laconagta foreign minister of Paraguay said:

“probably gains internal support by creating supposed enemies” outside Venezuela, but that Paraguay under President Fernando Lugo maintains a pragmatic, conciliatory position and that “its diplomacy is neither leftist nor rightist.”

Paraguay’s Congress has blocked Venezuela from joining a regional trade bloc, saying Chavez has failed to respect democratic systems. [Taken from etaiwannews.com]

Most people are turning their back to Venezuela because they are afraid to deal with a maniac who one day is a good friend and the next is your enemy.  Venezuela needs an economic boost despetately, but our governement instead is playing witch doctor zapping clouds to make them rain.


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