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Enough is Enough! November 17, 2009

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students ofUSM protesting against lack of security at campus

Enough is enough!

Until when is the voice of the student will be IGNORED? It is that we have not acted with a firm hand with the authorities. We can’t let the authorities mistreat us, treat us like puppets which they can control as they wish. Enough is enough!

In Santa Maria University, USM, the security is chaotic. Robberies are happening more than ever and insufficient lighting is the primary cause of the problem. The school authorities have not done anything to improve the situation which has already taken several months to be recognized as a problem.  I wonder if the school administration will do something about it, are they concerned for the sake of the students?

“After a meeting with the authorities of the University of Santa Maria to require lighting of the facility and increase internal security, student representatives appealed to stop the activities until they get an answer is” clear “to those requests . [Taken form el-nacional.com]

Students have found a way that never fails-protest.  Through strikes, students can force school authorities to analyze and act on all the problems the college is facing.

“The president of the Students of the School of Social Communication of the University of Santa Maria, Luis Olivo, reported Tuesday that the university community of this house of studies called student strike until the university authorities give them specific and detailed answers, ‘with date and time “to address the problem of uncertainty facing the University.” [Taken from el-nacional.com]

I really hope that the authorities act as they should and not let more time pass by. It must seek a win-win situation where both groups will benefit and not just a self-interest group as has been customary. It is time to stop being selfish and think of others, not just in one self-interest!

According to the newspaper El Nacional, students are prepared for an indefinite strike if the authorities do not give the required answers. I put myself in the place of all the USM students andI know it must be frustrating feeling every day that you are running the risk of an attack or hijack and you cannot do anything to protect yourself. I hope this strike comes to an agreement where the terms are suitable for students request, because if they lose the strike students would lose a lot: their sense of pride and courage.


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  • News Clip: el-nacional.com

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