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Chavez new game! November 17, 2009

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Now, he thinks he can control the weather.

I hate to open this post with a quote, but I feel that it is important for you to read this piece from Discovery Magazine:

“I’m going in a plane; any cloud that crosses me, I’ll zap it so that it rains,” Chavez said.

Seeding the clouds doesn’t do any good if there’s no moisture to begin with, but we presume that President Chavez wants to try anything that might help. Anyway, “zapping” is a more pleasing alternative to threatening, which the president previously tried on his countrymen. From UPI:

Earlier this month Chavez accused Venezuelans, including businesses, of wasting water and warned of tough punitive measures. He advised people … to limit showering to three minutes. Jacuzzis, watering of lawns and flowerbeds and filling of swimming pools have all been banned. [Taken from Discovery]

I wonder if he came up with this on his own, or did he get it from someone else? Well, the idea was first used by the chinise during the Summer Olimpics, officials were afraid that it might rain on opening day so they decided to spay the clouds with chemical to reduce the chances of rain.  Now,  the major of Moscow is also using the same method as the chinise to stop snow from falling in the city.  But both of these have been used to prevent rain, no to promote rain.

So, Chavez decided to called on Cuban scientist to do the opposite and create rain.  All this sounds like taken from the pages of  Marquez  “Hundred Years of Solitude”.  He is going on a plane and as stated above, any clouds he see, he is going to “zap it’ to make it rain.  Forget about all the enviormental consequences that this ridiculous experiment may cause.  But why don’t we asked the chinise what happened to them after the Olympic Games.

Cloud seeding has been practiced by China, most recently during a drought this year, but has also been blamed for unpredictable — and sometimes disastrous — results. In China weather altering was blamed for a snow blizzard that killed at least 40 people and caused more than $500 million in damages. [Taken from the UPI.com]

Chavez wants to play God, and he needs to be very careful!!!!  He is playing with our life and our nation.


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