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The strategy is getting old November 15, 2009

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Already the game has gone too far! According to the Venezuelan government, Colombia and the United States are preparing a plan to destabilize Venezuela.  Is that true?  I think not! I think this is the brainchild of President Chavez trying to mislead the public into believing there will be a real war against Colombia in order to cover his inability to solve the Venezuelan problems. Somewhat naive, Chavez continues to believe that he can derail the attention of Venezuelans declaring this fictional war against Colombia. But that strategy has been used so many times lately that Venezuelans are not buying it anymore.  Unfortunately, however,  most Venezuelans do not question what Chavez claim, or at least  check his statements to make a judgment on a decision that will affect the future of the nation.  To say that a country will attack another is a dangerous claim and it puts the life of millions of people in danger.

According Noticierodigital, During the program” Dando y Dando “VTV, the National Assembly President Cilia Flores, criticized the military agreement between the U.S. and Colombia, and insisted that both countries are behind a plan to destabilize Venezuela. He denied the National Government seeks the war. “

The government wants to look like they are the “good guys” , as they often play to the public and the international media. Chavez and his associates want to appear as the heros and honestly I do not think they are.  Chavez has to bear the consequences of his acts.

How ironic it is to say that you are (the Venezuelan government) the “engine of Peace” when they are sending troops to the Colombian border.  Chavez continues to do what he pleases and nobody dares to question his decisions.  The country is in ruins thanks to the president’s barmy ideas. The economic and energy crisis in Venezuela is getting worse,  but the government is doing nothing to change. Where are they heading to with this kind of government? It is all lies and all it does is trying to cover its negligence by manipulating the their media.


Online Sources:

  • News Clip:  noticierogdigital.com

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