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Chavez and his pretended war! November 15, 2009

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Where is he leading us?

Following up with  the previous post and after listening to all the nonsense of President Chavez , the international media had finally fed up with him.  Having said  that there will be war with Colombia in his weekly show and later denying the order, the international media is questioning and not taking part in Chavez media game.

“The Washington Post devoted its editorial Thursday the bellicose rhetoric of President Hugo Chávez. He recalled the statements made on Sunday and the Venezuelan president said that “is just another instance of Mr. Chavez’s bluster. However, the Washington Post found that the commentary should not be underestimated. ” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

Chavez’s constant outbursts against the US government or any other government that does not support his dictatorship has become a common theme for his weekly show.   In the last month or so, the most affected have been the U.S. and Colombia. The president did not lose any time during his show  to attack these two allies in some way.

“We will accept that this is just another instance of Mr. Chavez’s bluster,” says the editorial. “Still, it’s worth noting: This is the second time that Mr Chavez has ordered troops to the Colombian border and suggested that hostilities are imminent.”

Thanks God that we all now can see who the real President Chavez is and should try to unite power in order to solve the real Venezuelan problems.

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  • Image:  Google Images
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