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The coward backs down! November 11, 2009

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Chavez changes tone, Colombia happy

After insulting some of our best allies, Colombia, Chavez retracted when he reliaze that he was between a hard place and a rock. After following the news every day, we could observe how the president was using his power and the army to promotea war that makes no sense. In the news, we could see when Chavez distribute weapons to the troops to be ready for his imaginary war. A war that makes no sense.

“Chavez urged the military and the people to prepare” for war “against the threat that he represents a military agreement between Colombia and the United States allowing U.S. troops to use seven bases in Colombia for ten years.” [taken from eluniversal.com]

In the blink of an eye, history changed. After he reliaze that the international community was not supporting his efforts, the president decided to deny what he had said.

“Last night denied he had called for war with Colombia” [Taken from bloomberg.com]
I do not know how a person can change his mind in a blik of an eye. It could be that Chavez suffers from short-term memory and therefore he can’t remember or even worse he simply plays it stupid. It’s amazing how the president wants to be involved in the other affairs if other countries, when in fact those decisions do not concern him. The president has to be focused on Venezuela, its people and the problems that affects the country.

I think Chavez wants is to advertise the weapons he bought from the Russians.  He is pressure to justify such a huge expendeture, while the country has no electricity and water. When are we going to see the end of this? His narcissism is corroding him alive and soon he will be to the point when nobody will be able to stop him.


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