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Stealing from the Virgin Mary November 10, 2009

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Our Lady Virgin of the Valley

There is no respect In Venezuela anymore! Burglary have reached a new level. Now, thieves have reached so low that they are stealing from the Virgin Mary. In Nueva Esparta, a group of six thieves stoled precious stones and gold from the museum of the Virgin of the Valley.

“In the resting place of miracles offered to the image of the patroness of Nueva Esparta, which are mostly wearing gold and precious stones.  About six people underwent the museum guard and loaded with much of miracles.  According to the Bishop of Nueva Esparta, Monsignor Jorge Quintero.” [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

I wonder if the Thieves have no remorse and conscience when making such as nefarious act. I do not tolerate in any way that people can behave in such a cowarly manner against the virgin. In Venezuela, the majority of citizens are Catholics and I do not see how there are people who want to maliciously wound and abuse their fellow Catholics by stealing from the Virgen del Valle. People must be really desperate to result to unthinkable behavior like this. If these thieves were catholics, they have no forgiveness.  I think of all the people that went to the Virgin to ask for guidance. It is obvious that the offerings were gifts from followers that gave everything they had to show their gratitude.

I’ve wondered if the government is promoting the robberies and kidnappings, and you know what my answer is a resounding YES. Every time I see more malicious actions against innocent people, I feel that those actions are promoted by a group of people that have a set agenda with a set purpose in mind: Create chaos in the people. I implore the burglars who stole the miracles to give them back because people do not deserve this at all.  They are stealing from those who really need it the most, and they only hurting the innocent. “What belong to the virgin has to come back” but if we help, it will come back sooner.


Online Sources:

  • Image:  noticierodigital.com
  • News Clip: noticierodigital.com

One Response to “Stealing from the Virgin Mary”

  1. Oscar Rodriguez P. Says:

    This is not the only one intrussion to sanctuaries and religious places. It also happen at the Coromoto sanctuary in Guanare. People will not tolerate this abuse and ofense to their believes and religious life. They are going beyond the limits. Impunity of crimes is getting worse but Divine justice will take care of us.

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