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Is this what we want for our country? November 9, 2009

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Venezuelan boy

I love my country

I am sitting here trying to put my thought together and write something that is more rational than emotional.  I am trying to leave behind any anger,  sadness, and despairs and concentrate on the facts only.  But honestly, it is really hard.  I cannot do it.  I can’t just think that what I hold so dear to me it is about to be destroyed because some mad individual has no man with enough courage to tell him that this is enough.  That his ridiculous ideas are ruin the country he also said to love as much as I do.

How can his love for Venezuela can be different than mine?  I was born and raised there, I breath the same air he does and enjoy the same national parks, beaches and the most beautiful thing we have: our people.  My family, friends, teachers, everyone that I ever know is there.  I must admit that things in Venezuela were not the best, but even in countries like the USA, Britain, and France things are not perfect.  There is always room for improvement.  When Chavez came to power, a lot of people thought that he was the person who would  improve our broken system.   You know, he connected with the people because he was one of us.  He saw what  we all were seeing in the streets, reading in the news, or watching on TV.  He told us that he wanted a better Venezuela and because we love this country more than anything we believe him.  We gave him our trust to give us a better nation.

And now, what do we see?  A nation that is in a worse condition than when he came to power.  For a while, the less fortunate saw an improvement.  You know, when you have nothing, a little something is always seen as a big thing.  Chavez play with the hope of a lot of people, he feed on the illusion that now everyone was in their way of becoming someone.  Things were all good and plentiful but a bust in the oil market and his free gifts for all went away.  Look what are we now, a nation with a lot of natural resources that is experiencing a huge energy crisis.  A country that each day has more and more of its professionals leaving the country and seeking political asylum to escape the injustice.

Today, President Hugo Chavez warned the nation that we must prepare for war.  I think that now, everyone will see why the man many of us help put in power to change Venezuela, has began is destruction.  I know you might think that I am a bit fatalistic, but the reality is there for you to see and make your own conclusions.


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