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Venezuela close border with Colombia November 8, 2009

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Venezuela closes Colombia border

Things are heating up in Venezuela.  On top of worrying about blackouts and water rationing, now people must deal with the fact that any moment the nation may declare war on Colombia.  The thought of that is scary enough to make me loose some sleep over it.  I cannot stop thinking about my family, my friends, and everyone over there.  How their life right now is hard and difficult but it does not matter because thing could get even worse.

The uncertainty of what could happens next is creeping on the mind of every Venezuelan around the world.  If one based the decision of the President and his cabinet on passed experienced, I can tell you that we are in big trouble.  It is clear that Venezuelans are in a critical energy crisis due to the incompetence of those in power and if these people could not make a sensible decision on updating the energy system in Venezuela image what would they do in a war scenario.

The threat is materialising,” said Mr Carrizalez, “but we are also preparing to defend our territory to ensure our sovereignty. Venezuelan Vice-President Ramon Carrizale. Mr Carrizalez’s comments come at a difficult time in relations between the two neighbouring countries. [Taken from bbc news]

I hope that this is just a misunderstanding that will be clear by the government soon.  I think that we all know that military conflicts only take innocent life and at the end nobody wins.  I truly hope that this is not a cheap maneuver by the government to dis-direct the public away from all the problems everyone is facing right now.  I ask my dear bloggers to keep in our prayers the peace and safety of our nation and of every country in the world.


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One Response to “Venezuela close border with Colombia”

  1. Ceci Says:

    This is soooo sad! Sister countries who share so much should not go into war. Among all the rationing of basic services and insecurity in the country, this is the last thing Venezuela needs right now. I don’t… I can’t… lose hope that this greedy monster will be out of my Venezuela soon!!! Thanks for posting such fresh content.

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