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It’s not fair! November 8, 2009

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Hugo Chavez

The so-called “blog” or independent media is not well regarded by the government since they have much to lose and little to gain. I refer to the popularity and acceptance from the government. Through blogiging, one can express his thoughts about the world to persuade the audience to almost a 100%.

According to “the Inter American Press Association (IAPA) in Argentina belief that ” the progressive elimination of independent media as an official policy is the challenge facing freedom of expression in Venezuela. ” http://www.eluniversal.com/2009/11/08/pol_ava_sip:-eliminacion-de_08A3020451.shtml

If you recall from the beginning of 2009, the Venezuelan press has suffered constant attacks that affects not only the press but also to journalists and residents of the area. It is unfortunate that this type of situations are happening.  This whole anti-media revolution is caused by the Venezuelan government because the press is expressing the truth that the  government does not want the public to know. It has become a practice for the Venezuelan government to censor all means of communication that does not express their ideology. It is obvious that the government just wants to express a single truth-their truth-but that is that a real or fictional truth. The only truth is that the government want to hide the disaster they are spreading across the country.

In Venezuela, people no longer know what to expect from the government. Every day there is a new craziness and the citizens are living a reality that we never experienced before.

“Venezuela is experiencing a serious and continuing confrontation between the true reality of the country, citizens and institutions and, on the other hand, President Chavez promotes, distorts, manipulates and tries to impose” http://www.eluniversal.com/ 2009/11/08/pol_ava_sip elimination-de_08A3020451.shtml

Chavez does not know what to do with the country. Everything that it is in a good condition, he either destroys, expropriated or invades. This had never  been seen or lived in Venezuela. Well at least that I could remember! Public services do not work, the economy is on the ground, and our natural resources destroyed. Right now, we have almost nothing to be proud of because unfortunately Chavez has been destroying everything that gave us a sense of pride.

Needless to say, the country that I left 15 years ago is not the same now. The last time I went to Venezuela the degradation of public services and above all the level of poverty I saw impacted me a lot. All I could think was, this is a disaster.

We have seen how the president has seized, destroyed and come to power gradually. His goal is to have all media under its control where the news that is transmitted is pro-Chavez. Honestly,there is not a single reason why a single person can control the life of millions of people as he pleases.

“Among the tactics used to achieve such control is” the frequent and mandatory radio and television, “one example is the string sent on 4 October, lasted almost 7 hours, the report contends.”

We must find a way to control Chávez right now, otherwise, the future ahead is dark and uncertain.


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