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Two face President November 6, 2009

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While Chavez ask the people to reduce expenses, he is increasing his pesonal budget

I was thinking about what to write a post about and I was having a hard time finding something that could capture my attention, but finally I found it. I love this story because it makes me think that the president is a double face. The news of which I speak about is “Chavez encouraging people to  reduce expenses while he is increasing his personal expendetures.” If my memory does not fail me, a week ago the president told the Venezuelan people to limit their shower and bath time to three minutes which is ridiculous. Do not you think so? I think that if we make adjustments in our expenditures and are following his recommendations, is it obvious that he should follow his own advise. But obviously the president is not willing to follow his own orders. According to the Newherald,

“an official budget study shows that the president’s personal expenses are multiplied by six for 2010, including payments for water, electricity, personal hygiene and clothing.” [taken from elnuevoheral.com]

The president is spending lavishly. He does not know where to go next or where to spend the money of the Venezuelan people, here is an article that shows very high figures that are not justified.

“Presidential expenses include about $ 2.7 million allocated to agencies of festivities for food and beverage costs, $ 264,000 on clothing, $ 18,500 for shoes, $ 138,000 for the purchase of magazines and newspapers, $ 145,000 for toiletries (soap, shampoo and other personal hygiene products) and $ 405,000 for laundry … $ 16 million for security costs, $ 3.16 million for social relations, $ 9.6 million for travel and tickets and about $ 2 million for call charges. “

It seems absurd and insulting to Venezuelans, when there is people who do not have something to eat while the president spends the people’s money  on shoes and extreme luxuries. I can not stand it anymore, the president has no limit to his extravagant living style full of luxiry and out of control spending. He’s living a rich life in a poor country.

The president’s personal expenditures have already exceeded the budget allocated for some ministries such as Food, Energy and Culture.  Well, it is clear that the president is a two face scoundrel. He does not keep his words and Mr. President if you going to be like that, I don’t want you to lead my country.


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