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Save light and buy flashlight November 6, 2009

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Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does” and the president is doing a good job at it. Lately,  the president says the most unusual things you can image. Let’s start by the three minutes bathing and now he is talking about using flashlights to save electricity. The president want us to play blind man’s bluff when there is no need. At least in my opinion, the use of the flashlight is justified when there is a blackout but when you have electricity is it justified?

“Why, if you get up at 3 am to go to the bathroom you have to turn on all the little lights? (…) Put the flashlight in the nightstand and go to the bathroom flashlight in hand, we recommend the commander. http://www.noticierodigital.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=590202

You think the president has his flashlight on his nightstand or does he turn on all the lights to avoid falling or hitting something in the dark. “Save energy” seems to be the new motto for the government. But it is difficult to accept the new motto when we learned in the last post that the president increase his personal budget over 300%. The president said there has been a saving of energy by Venezuelans. Significantly, the saving is due to the lack of electricity Venezuelans are experiencing now. Balckouts are more frequents and they are lasting longer than before. For example, in Puerto la Cruz, people spent over 12 hours without electricity. Is this fair for the people? What is the government doing about it?   The case is even worse for businesses that rely on electricity like supermarkets and fast food restaurants. All this is happening because the government has failed to act, to plan for the future and foresee the needs of the people. Most people worry about the situation, it is something they are constantly thinking about it.   Unfortunately,   they know that right now there is no solution to the problem. The President takes pride in saying that Venezuelans are buying more lanterns which shows the support of the people for the government and power company. What he has failed to realize is that the purchase of flashlights is for safety and precaution not to support his madness.

It is important to notices  that the “Head of State swore in the new Electricity Minister, Angel Rodriguez, and referred to the creation of the Strategic Committee of Electricity, which must ensure that all ministries and state enterprises reduce power consumption by at least 20% … and the palace of Miraflores 50% “The minister reiterated that companies trade center Deven Grande, generate their own electricity. The government has announced that those consumers who lower their consumption  the governement can subsidize part of the bill but for those who show no reduction they will have to pay double the estimated rate. This measure is fine but if it is applied with respect and clarity, because it sounds to me that this is another way for the government to gain supporters and unfortunately the black hand of government is involved.


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