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Lula tries to peace conflict November 6, 2009

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Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva is trying to give a hand to his camarade Hugo Chavez in the recent conflict between Venezuela and Colombia and one question comes to mind:  Why is he doing this?

On the surface, things may look like Lula is coming to rescue Chavez from a huge political and diplomatic embarrassment. He owed that much to someone who has done such much for Lulas political party back in Brazil.  You may asked yourself, how could that be? Well, since Chavez took over in Venezuela, the Brazilians private sector has cashed in on Venezuelans contracts.  Below is an extract from el Universal.

If any country has cashed in on the Bolivarian revolution, that is Brazil, particularly the private companies of the southern neighbor. Over the past five years, it has been awarded contracts for works to be carried out in Venezuela for over USD 14 billion. This puts it as the first recipient of government-to-government contracts, that is, without bidding, since Hugo Chávez took office. [taken from eluniversal.com]

So, I will ask you again, why is he doing this?  Beside from the obvios now, Lula also share some political ideology with Chavez.  They both have openly express their dislike of the US and they both ran under the same social revolution platform.  They are a match for each other.  I think we must be very careful about the conflict, these two individuals are not to be taken lightly.  Lula had said:

“I do not know whether Americans should be concerned about Chávez or Chávez about Americans,”

Lula is planning a meeting between Chavez and Uribe for November 26.  I hope that this meeting will be in the best interest of the Venezuelan and Colombian people.  Would you not agree?


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  • News Clip:  eluniversal.com

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