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The Lost Steps of Chavez November 2, 2009

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Sean Penn and Hugo Chavez

The title of this blog is a bit misleading, Lost Steps is a book by Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier.  The story takes place in Venezuela, the protagonist goes back to Venezuela to find an ancient musical instrument in the mystical banks of the Orinoco River.   The book was writen in 1953 and it gave birth to the magical-realism movement that later Borges and Marquez used to create their masterpieces.

The story is simple, every person needs to find his roots.  In the novel, the protagonist leaves New York city to make a magical trip to the Amazon Jungle to find the beginnings of a culture.  In a recent trip to Venezuela, actor and producer Sean Penn talked to Hugo Chavez about making a film production of the book.  The actor is a well know Chavez supporter in the US, just like Danny Glover and Oliver Stone, this last who made a documentary about political leaders in Latin America.

During their private meeting, Chavez and Penn also discussed Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize. Chavez told Penn to tell the US President he had to prove himself and earn it now that he had received the Nobel Prize. According to Chavez, the actor said he was meeting Obama soon. [Taken from thecelebritycafe.com]

Sean Penn met Chavez after a quick visit to his best friend, Fidel Castro.  Sean is the only US actor who had the privileged of meeting Fidel in the last few decades.  It quite clear that Chavez wants to use the media, and film in particular to promote his ideology.  What does he wants to get out of all this, I am not sure.  But I know it is nothing good for Venezuela.


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One Response to “The Lost Steps of Chavez”

  1. Miguel Says:

    Me gusta como escriben el blog. Es muy informativo y no contiene propaganda del apoyo/rechazo de Hugo Chávez. Qué bueno que puedan escribir así.

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