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Another Ministry? October 28, 2009

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Minister of Electrical Energy, Angel Rodriguez

It is not a surprise for most Venezuelan now to experience a blackout.  The occurrence is more of a norm now-days and the government seems to be doing something about it.  In a recent address to the nation, President Hugo Chavez announced that a new ministry was created to address the issue.  Lawmaker and labor leader, Angel Rodriguez, was appointed as the new Electrical Energy Minister.  Up to this point all seems good, but I wonder why must the government create a new ministry when something does not work? Can he just delegate the problem to an existing minister?  At this rate Chavez cabinet will be in the hundreds.

The energy crisis Venezuela is facing right now is a slap on the face for the Bolivarian Revolution, as Chavez call it.  In recent polls, Chavez popularity has declined among his followers.  More people are opening their eyes to the reality, to a Venezuela that is getting worse by the minutes.  Now that the government has less resources to finance their campaign, people are receiving less subsidize assistance from Chavez and those people are now turning on him.  This begs the question, for how long can he support his campaign?

But Chavez will not admit to his failure, instead he is proposing a cut of 20% in energy consumption across the nation.  His expectation for Angel Rodriguez are astronomical, I don’t think that this newly created ministry is going to find a solution to a problem that the government brought to itself.  The government is now announcing that the people of Venezuela has a 7% increase on energy consumption over the last year, but wasn’t Chavez that man who wanted to have every house in Venezuela powered. Well, here are the consequences when you do not think about the impact of such actions.


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