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3 minute shower October 27, 2009

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Hugo Chavez

I thought I have seen it all when it came to Chavez’s ridiculous ideas but his last announcement during a cabinet meeting made me laugh. Chavez thought that by making people take a three minute shower he will resolve the energy crisis the country is facing right now. It is hard for me to think that Chavez friend of the environment or that he is trying to find alternative ways to generate electricity.

It was so funny to hear Chavez blaming the environmental phenomenon of el Niño as the reason for all the energy crisis Venezuela is facing lately. Blackouts are very common in Venezuela recently, the low water level at the hydroelectrically damns and an increase in demand are the primary causes for the problem. But the President is not admitting that, he is instead proposing that we shower less.

“Some people sing in the shower, in the shower half an hour. No kids, three minutes is more than enough. I’ve counted, three minutes, and I don’t stink,” he said during a televised Cabinet meeting. If you are going to lie back, in the bath, with the soap and you turn on the what’s it called, the Jacuzzi … imagine that, what kind of communism is that? We’re not in times of Jacuzzi,” he said, to laughter from his ministers.” [Taken from washingtonpost.com]

But, how are the people taking the news? In the video below, most people are not happy with the consecration initiative Chaves is proposing, instead, many are saying the president is out of his mind with such measure. What is even funnier is the fact that Chavez during his meeting tells one of his supporters that people should stop using Jacuzzis to bath. I don’t know that many people that own a Jacuzzi or even worse that use it every day to shower. I am telling you, I tought I have seen it all from Chavez, but he still amaze me.


Online Sources:

  • Image: Reuter
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