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Government takes over Sambil Mall October 24, 2009

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Jacqueline Farias announcing the government decision to expropriate the building

Jacqueline Farias announcing the government decision to expropriate the building

As I read the Venezuelan newspaper, El Nacional, at 10:52 pm one of the news that caught my attention was the expropriation of Sambil Mall of Candelaria, located in Caracas, Venezuela. Since I started blogging, several cases of expropriation of land or property had occurred for no reason. It seems that for the president that is the best solution or at least fastest way of exerting power over the weak because Venezuelans must obey his orders. The president has already expropriated hotels, farms in full production, manufacturing of different types, such as sugar mills, electrical companies and would not surprise me that the next step is the expropriation of Venezuelan homes, if not already had happened. Unfortunately, Venezuelans can expect anything, everything is possible!

“Jacqueline Faria, appointed by President Hugo Chávez as head of government in Caracas, said the mall, a building of over 21,000 square meters, will be a major financial center of public banks and a major center… Convention center where presidential activities can take place.”[Taken from noticias24.com]

I wonder how many presidential activities can the government schedule at the Sambil, that it could not be scheduled somewhere else? The problem is in the way the governemnt is structured, there is no mall or convention center that can fit all the events that Chavez wants to promote.   The president is constantly touring and promoting socialism national and international and when he is not touring, he is recording his weekly show – Alo Presidente – Venezuelans’ favorite TV show. I wonder why does the president use other infrastructure already build in Caracas as the convention center? The only reason that comes to mind is that the other buildings are not in good condition and he wants this brand new convention center. The government of the republic does not realize that the center Sanbil is a source of revenue and a job source for thousands of Venezuelans.

“The ruling said the building would cause traffic problems in the area, and that its construction would be inconsistent with the vision of a socialist government. About 3,000 direct and indirect jobs were at risk by the decision of the ruler and was left for months in legal limbo and financial support to the owners of the 305 shops and 10 cinemas would have the building.” [Taken from noticias24.com]

Venezuelans who live in the affected area saw the construction of the Sambil as an opportunity to work and a way to improve neighboring areas. But this hope like many others had already collapsed. Now it remains to see what becomes of the Sambil. In Venezuela,  we see less work opportunities and more expropriation. When it is going to stop?!


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