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can not comment much because we are censored October 23, 2009

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Nicolás Fedor

Nicolás Fedor

It’s not a coincidence anymore, it has become a reality that can not be hidden. The political situation in Venezuela is at its worst and we can’t deny it. Today, soccer clubs and players are affected by the government because of its socialist ideology. Now in Venezuela, the violation of civil right has become the norm for the government, people have no voice or vote; but I never thought that it would  come to affect the sport.  A sector highly regarded by the poeple at a nacional and international level.

In Venezuela, “unfortunately you can not say much, because we are censored” were the words of Spanish Valencia Venezuelan striker Nicolas Fedor, in an interview with local newspaper El Pais in which he showed his displeasure at the political situation in their homeland.

The footballer revealed that as a football player is censored and expressed his displeasure over violations of freedom of expression that occur in Venezuela. [Taken from elnacional.com]

In Venezuela, we are slowly losing the freedom of speech and if we do nothing about it, it will come to a point that it will make it irreversible. We have reached the bottom, the media has been censored, businesses are closed and expropriated,and unemployment is reaching levels never seen in the country; all due to the negligence of the Venezuelan government.

“They are doing a lot more bad things than good. And the country does not get ahead” complained Fedor, who said he tries to separate politics from sport, but felt that “if there is democracy in my country, I think I can express themselves freely. And when I go there, I’m going to play football and my views me, I keep to myself.”

One view we both share, the player and the Venezuelans opposition is that “Hugo Chávez wants Venezuela to look more like Cuba. Something I feel Chavez has neglected to see is that society will reject anyone who violate civil rights, cuts down education, and continuously spend away the revenues the country gets from it’s oil resources. The country is heading for a disaster, it seems that we have no future unless we do something to change all this now.



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