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Government expropriate Central Azucarero October 21, 2009

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Minister of Agriculture

Minister of Agriculture

It’s not a coincidence, it is a reality that we can not deny anymore. The president and his procurer ministers expropriate any business that comes across their head. This time it’s the turn of the sugar factory in the state of Zulia. With cheap words, the Minister of Agriculture and Lands Elias Jaua ensured the public that the main objective was the “total occupation” of the Sugar Mill.

Jaua explained that the expropriation is the product of the Venezuelan Central “ceased operations illegally, because even when introduced a temporary closure to the Ministry of Labor, did not wait for the response and illegal, arbitrary and inhuman, pushed out the street nearly a thousand of workers. ”

Therefore, “the president of the Republic, Hugo Chávez was immediately notified and authorized in the exercise of their constitutional powers, the Law on Food Sovereignty and Security and Access to Goods and Services temporary occupation and expropriation of Venezuela’s Central to become a socially owned enterprise of the state, “he said [Taken from noticierodigital.com]

I wonder what the minister of Agriculture refers to total ocupation? Most properties that have been expropriated by the government are abandoned after a few days because of the misuse by their “new owners”. Sadly, the government does not use the land to produce more food items like sugar, which are essential in the daily diet of Venezuelans. Furthermore, it can be use to generate more jobs or apply it to their social projects. But I always come to the same point is not fair, not fair, not fair.

Why to expropriate and not to fined? I think is win/win solution. the owner is going to be fined for the violation but it will be able to keep the land and the government will be able to generate revenues from the fines. But the government only thik about its own benefits and not what benefit the people. Now the sugar mill workers will lose their jobs for good and since the government is expropriating the land nobody is going to take care of the land or pay the workers. Of course, NOBODY.


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