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Chavez at MTV Award October 21, 2009

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Residente Calle 13 at MTV awards

Residente Calle 13 at MTV awards

Chávez has surpassed the barriers of hip-hop. Some people do not know how to attract attention, they conduct strikes on the streets, while others use t-shirts to cause shock. The Puertorican Singer,Residente from the group Calle 13, wore as part of his attire a t-shirt that read “Chavez nominated for best pop artist”  This event caused an upset among some followers and delighted others. This clearly demonstrates that the singer supports the Venezuelan President faithfully.

The singer was also criticized for showing messages on their shirts while participating in the awards, as Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in which was “Nominated Best Pop Artist”, another “Uribe for military bases,” Micheletti rhyme with Pinochetti “and one with” Viva Puerto Rico libre “. [Taken from elnacional.com]

I’m not so disgusted with the act. Nevertheless, I’m puzzled that there is increasingly more Chavez supporters who do not see reality clearly. A reality of poverty and abuse. Everyone has the right to speak-out what they feel, believe and want. But, is President Chavez really doing a good job as president to have so many followers? Or is there money involved in all this? That response we will never know. Only Chavez’s conscience and his hencheman will know the answer to that. jajajaja

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