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Hotel Hilton Margarita October 16, 2009

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Hotel Hilton Margarita Island

Hotel Hilton Margarita Island

Socialism has reached its limits! Don’t you believe so? The Venezuelan government has bought, seized and badly managed companies which Venezuelans at home and abroad depend on. If you are overseas, One can not really know what is President Chavez true intentions are for the siezed assets. Therefore, I made a decision to learn as much as I could to give you a concise and objective report. After a lengthy investigation, I came to the conclusion that it is not the first time that the Venezuelan government does compulsory acquisition of private property. If I recall, one of them have been La Electricidad de Caracas, the Bank of Venezuela, Citgo, and most recently the Hilton Margarita Hotel.

The move was ordered just weeks after the hotel housed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe during the Africa-South America Summit. The hotel would help develop tourism projects in a “socialist framework”, a decree signed by Mr Chavez said.[Taken from BBC News]

The acquisition by force of the real estate, furnishings, and related assets… of the Margarita Hilton & Suites Hotel Complex, along with the Marina owned by Inversiones Pueblamar y Desarrollos MBK, have been ordered,” read a presidential decree in the official register.The sprawling complex, including 280 rooms, 210 suites, a casino, stores, restaurants, offices and meeting areas, as well as the adjoining marina, will be held by the state tourism corporation Venetur, which reports to the Tourism Ministry.[Taken from AFP]

But what was the problem with the Hilton? The News from TV, newspapers and radio indicated that the lincese to operate of 20 years had expired. But I wonder why not renew the lease? If anyone has that answer please let me know, because there are decision  the Venezuelan government has made that I do not understand and I would like to understand.

In my opinion, the government will do there meetings host to the highest rank but all for free …. Because that Chavez’s motto … “come to Venezuela and I will pay for everything” or maybe he will make a new mission called free vacations 09-10 sponsored by the Venezuelan government jajajjja.

One reason that Chavez gave for the expropriation of the hotel was “The need to increase social and mass tourism of the state of Nueva Esparta” . Now, how is he going to increase tourism in the state of Nueva Esparta? For all that Chavez has tried, in my opinion, has failed. The president is a person of errors because the country is stagnant or going to the mud of the disaster.

In the above video, clarin.com the Argentinian Newspaper, released the news on their website.  The reporter made a comment about how two weeks ago, Chavez at the Africa – South America Summit said that it would be nice to have the hotel as the site for the newly created agency.  She later explains Chavez’s strategy of acquiring key businesses as assets to his Bolivarian Revolution.


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One Response to “Hotel Hilton Margarita”

  1. Oscar Rodriguez P. Says:

    Why not to invest the resources required for expropiation in housing, health or education. To get loans to cover expropiation expenses seems like a waste of resources and time of the government.

    Wake up Venezuela!

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