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Nobel Peace Prize October 14, 2009

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Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

I never thought that I would say this, but  I agree with President Hugo Chavez, Barrack Obama has not done anything of major importance to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. In his Sunday column, Chavez criticized the Nobel peace committee for overlooking at some major points that according to Chavez disqualify President Obama for receiving the prize.  Here in the US, most republican and conservative papers are also criticism the committee for the announcement.  I personally think that there are other people who deserve the prize.  I can’t think of one right now, but President Obama has only been in office for little over a year now and he still needs to materialize some of his promise of peace.  In reality, most of what he promises still in the air, a good example is health reforms something that almost everyone here in the US can relate to.

But this blog is about Chavez and not to criticize Obama.  I think that Chavez, again as he has done many times before, is using this media event to get his name out there in the world.  What is quite interesting this time is that he is not following the remarks of his beloved Castro.  Fidel Castro actually congratulated Obama on the recognition and implied that the award is in recognition of a change in US politics.  Is there something else these two are planning? I don’t know but it is really odd for Chavez not to support Fidel in his recognition.  According to his column, he was disappointed in the selection.  Perhaps, he thought that he deserves it instead of President Obama.  Here is what he said:

“What has Obama done to deserve this prize? The jury put store on his hope for a nuclear arms-free world, forgetting his role in perpetuating his battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his decision to install new military bases in Colombia,” Chavez wrote in a column.

“For the first time, we are witnessing an award with the nominee having done nothing to deserve it: rewarding someone for a wish that is very far from becoming reality.” [Tken from Reuter.com]

Well, after you view the video below, do not be suprise that Chavez will try one day to influence the Nobel peace committie to get his name at least in the list of candidates.


Online Source:

  • Image: Reuters
  • News Clip:  Reuters.com
  • Video:  CBS, YouTube

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