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They can take your home away October 10, 2009

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The disrespect in Venezuela has reached 100%.  Since Chavez’s hencheman, red-rojito, do not know what to do. He has turned the nation into a shambles that everything is destroyed or will be destroy soon. While I was in my Political blogging class, my pofresor showed us the blog of the most influential person in the Conservative Party: Michelle Malkin. To my surprise, I found a lot of news from Venezuela. One of his post that impacted me the most was the confiscation of land in Guarico by the INTI.  According to Malkin, ” the land was confiscated under the pretext  that the government will use the land for ‘food production’ “.  The owner was advised by a govermental official that he no longer owned that land because he has failed to use it.  The 103 hectare farm is “idle land” and under the new law the government has the right to take control even though the farmer has been raising castle in that farm for the last 23 years.

“this is not going to be a debate; this is a public act approved by the Venezuelan people. I’m governor and I’m here to ensure public order. There won’t be a debate, I ask you to listen to the document, after which the public will take charge of the land.

When the farmer’s wife protests, he tells her to discuss it in court.

Chavez controls the judiciary.” [Taken from michellemalkin.com]

 The worst part of all this is that Chavez thuggish are using the law to abuse innocent citizens.  The redistribution of wealth is not a new topic in Venezuela, actually is part of the Socialist Movement.  It was very popular during the late 70’s and early 80’s in Latin America, but it was done by dictators and guerillas, not by a democratic government.  The video gives us a rare insight into the madness of Chavez, you would never know when a governmant official will knock you door to take your property.  I salute the braveness of the individual who took the courage to documented the event and later share it with us.


Online Source:

  • News Clip: michellemalkin.com
  • Video:  YouTube

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