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Building an atomic bomb October 10, 2009

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Chavez and friends

Chavez and friends

Remember the story about the boy who cried “Wolf, Wolf.” Most of us know that story and its meaning, but to President Hugo Chavez the story might be too capitalist for his taste. Yesterday, during his televised cabinet meeting, Chavez mockingly asked Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz,”How’s the uranium for Iran? For the atomic bomb?”. As it is expected, all presents joined him with a laugh as if they were poking fun at the US with the comment.

The international community is not taking Chavez comments lightly at all. UK, France, Germany, and even Russia and China has demonstrated concerns about the way Chavez play with the issue. It is known that Iran has helped Venezuela explored deposits of Uranium, “…the existence of uranium in western parts of the country and in Santa Elena de Uairen, in southeastern Bolivar state.” Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has publicly asked the UN to look into a possible transfer of nuclear material between Venezuela and Iran.

Here is a definitive proof of what could happens when a madman is given power without any restraints. The delusional Chavez now wants to built an atomic bomb. This is as insane as giving a loaded weapon to an infant.


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One Response to “Building an atomic bomb”

  1. Ramón Mediavilla Says:

    If we trust that the international community will pressure Chavez and oppose his tyrannical intentions, we should think twice before keeping our hopes up. Western powers (the UK, Germany and France) represent only a small portion of a larger institution (namely the EU). While certain European countries are not impressed by Chavez’s socialist aspirations, these only represent a minority. Led by Spain’s socialist goverment and it’s historical ties to Latin America, many European nations prefer to remain on the sidelines and avoid confrontation with the Venezuelan government. Why? Venezuela’s vast oil reserves. In a world struggling to emerge from an unprecedented financial crisis, keeping Chavez happy and thus avoiding spike in crude prices, is a priority. There is little interest in opposing his influence over Latin America and this is unlikely to change. Venezuela´s increasing ties with the Iranian regime will surely bring consequences that the world will sadly be unable to avoid unless action is taken immediately. But who will take the first step? The United States, with Obama in office is too focussed on improving America’s “reputation” to take drastic measures regarding Venezuela. Europe, being the 27 member club that it is, has its own issues to worry about (the approval of the Lisbon Treaty for example) and is unlikely to pressure yet ANOTHER Latin American dictator. Perhaps hope lies in Israel and its determination to keep its citizens out of harm’s way. With the Likhud party once again controlling the Knesset and the office of Prime Minister, any REAL threat to its population will be dealt with the efficiency the Jewish State is known for. Then again, is there a real threat to world peace in the hands of Chavez or is his speech that of a playground bully seeking to divert attention from his growing unpopularity both in Venezuela and abroad? Is this just a smoke screen to avoid dealing with problems plaguing Venezuelan society such as poverty, increase in crime rates, corruption in the highest levels of Government, inflation and others? Apparently the only choice left is to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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