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Truth and Lies October 6, 2009

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Do you believe what he says?

Do you believe what he says?

I sat here today looking at my computer and thinking what should my next post be about.  So I decided to go online and Google Hugo Chavez and see what kind of results I would get.  The first link was about an article where Chavez asked oil workers to unite during the union election.  The next link was about the fall of the Bolivar in the stock market, and the third link was about an announcement Chavez made about finishing the year without any budget problems.

I am not very good at economics, and I definitely do not understand how the science of money works.  By all means, I prefer a good soup opera to any financial news.  But the order of the news clips and their relationship strikes me as odd.  Again, I am not good at economics but I do know that in order to produce one must make money, and you must produce more than what you spend, that much I do know.  It is a simple principle that I apply to my personal life.  I cannot spend that which I do not have.

Well, I read some time ago that our economy was not doing well at all, that the drop in oil prices has hurts us and it has plunge our inflation rate to about 30%.  Here is what really makes me mad, if you read my last post, Chavez tends to be one person when he is talking to the international media and another when he talks to the people in Venezuela.  Here he is telling us that things are ok, that workers should not worry about their end of years bonuses, that the GPD will increase by 0.5% in the next year, and that all his social programs are guaranteed.  But the truth is that we know that things are harder to come by, that more and more people are out of their jobs and the inflation makes the strong Bolivars look weaker everyday.  Just like in the picture above, I not sure who is talking to us.  Is it the parrot or Chavez?  Perhaps he has learned from the parrot to recite a few words at a time, words that have no substance.  I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but a public figure must have some ethics to substantiate his ideology and honestly Chavez have shown none so far.  Below are the three articles I read for this post, I leave the links here for you to make you own opinion.


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