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Misiones Barrio Adentro October 6, 2009

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Many of Chavez’s promises have fallen in just as promises, they have not materialized. One of them is the project of health centers of Barrio Adentro. Many of the centers were stalled perhaps for lack of funds, personnel, or interest. Chavez reiterated that the health center

“was not stalled, we are reinvigorated (…) With the correction and re-launched what we are strengthening the process.” [taken from El Nacional]

Hopefully this is true because this story sounds like a fairy tale, I’ll believe it when I see it. For Chavez, the best way not to look bad in front of the masses is offering something better and that is exactly what he is doing. I think the health centers was not his priority, his true intentions is to promote his propaganda around the world. Health is an indispensable commodity in society and the least I expect from my president is that he fulfill his promise so low-income families would have access to health services.

It annoys me that Chavez is seeking out what he has is in Venezuela and of good quality. I refer to Chavez’s obsession of bringing Cuban students to practice medicine at the Misiones Barrio Adentro. I wonder why not use Venezuelan medical students? They do not qualify? This is the opportunity they need to gain experience and at the same time help other people, and there is no better way than a fellow Venezuelan helping another Venezuelan. But unfortunately, the president has chosen to deny this opportunity to our Venezuelans medical students, but prefer to bring foreign students who do not have the same medical standards that we do. This does not seem right…

I apologize for leaving only a Spanish video for this post, but I could not find a version with English subtitles or a translation.  In short, the video was produced by one of Chavez’s TV Station and it is of course praising his accomplishments in health care.  Please notice that he only talks about advances made in opthalmology and the numbers he give are for this practice only, it does not include regular health care or chronic diseases.  So calling it a Revolutionary Health Care System is a bit out of line in my opinion.


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3 Responses to “Misiones Barrio Adentro”

  1. Ana Says:

    Absolutely agree with you, we don´t need cuban medical students while we have lot and excellents venezuelan medical students here…

  2. Amanda Says:

    Chavez doesn’t need translation into any other language. Just watching him act on TV is enough to figure out that you don’t want to listen to him in any language. You can erase from the face of the earth all Chavezes and nothing of value would be lost to human history.

  3. john Says:

    He’s trying to cover the mess that is the health system with “misiones barrio adentro” while the hospitals does not work and don’t have the resources, the public hospitals does not work, and he is not taking care of that. I believe that’s an important thing to highlight.

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