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Abused on Journalist October 1, 2009

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Journalist are under attack by Chavez supporters

Journalist are under attack by Chavez supporters

I want to raise my voice for all my fellows journalist. I am disgusted with the treatment that all my colleagues are facing every day at work, at home or while reporting out on the field. The Venezuelan government is getting good at controlling the media. Chavez knows that the media is the source to persuade people effectively and rapidly. Without any doubt, the president want to keep presenting to the public a false reality which he wants to keep until the end to convince all his followers that his ideology is the right choice. It is sad to see that each day in Venezuela there are less TV stations, radios stations, and newspapers that report the true injustice committed by the government. Now, instead of hearing the two side of the story, the government is committed to broadcast just the programs that satisfy its ideology. If you follow any international news, you will see how Chavez’s supporters insult and attack reporters that are out on the field doing their job.

“Carla Angola, of the TV station Globovisión, was attacked and insulted during a live interview with supporters of Chávez demonstrating in Caracas on 3 January. The same day, Jorge Labrador, of the TV station Televén, was attacked by pro-Chávez people who insulted him and threw stones at him.” [taken from www.vcrisis.com]

The climate that I could perceived from the news was injustices, injustice, and injustice. People were afraid of speaking freely, and this never happened before at least that I remembered. It shocks me that more than 30 reporters have left the country due to the government constant persecution. I cannot stand for that. I oppose any hurting, killing, and kidnapping of people so Chavez can accomplish his goal. A goal of a corrupt government that is not going to stop.

According to Reporters without Borders , “ 62 journalist have being attack in Venezuela”. Imagine all the unanimous journalist that are not listed on the article that have being maltreated and persecuted by the government. Where are the human rights? In every Country, all human have rights that are guarantee by the local and international law. But apparently in Venezuela, human rights does not exist all that exist is what Chavez says it should be done.


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4 Responses to “Abused on Journalist”

  1. vzlano por el mundo Says:

    Thanks for spreeding the word of what is really happenining in our wonderfull country Venezuela !

  2. cassandra Says:

    Dear Carola : Do you imagine that maybe is you who will be persecuted for writing this blog.have you ever realize all the tentacles that the revolution has to graband submit people like you ,that is just expressing your oppinion , critizating what you think is wrong. There are so many Journalist , and many madia workers who are hide from this regime just because they want to inform, to show and to tell the people their point of view about the revolution of the XXI century.
    The freedom of speech is universaly accepted as one of the most important right . Don”t let our voice be silenced!

  3. Venezuelan Thinker Says:

    Here you are talking about the personal damages that were done to jounalist of the “opposition”, BUT let me remind you that the journalists that are from the Governemnt owned statios also get aggrevated by people. You say that there are less tv stations here in the country , well let me remind you that in Venezuela for the first time in History there are so many TV stations, were you can find a WIDE variety of opinions on different subjects. Furthermore, if you watch tv Stations like Globovision, you will see a different side of the truth as they are the best at manipulating what is really happening , as is the case of RCTV. Venevision I think is one of the best when trasnmitting news of the country.
    But Im not here to express my likes or dislikes of the TV networks, just to remind you as always to show both sides of the coin when expressing your beliefs!

  4. jojo Says:

    I encounter very funny, laugh not to cry, that people in venezuela are so brainwash. If you watch and talk to chavistas everything is perfect, but if you chat with someone that oppose the government (or watch globovision) you would truly believe Venezuela is falling apart. Reality, Venezuela is in the middle, it is not falling apart nor improving. It is hanging there. It seems absolutely ridiculous that the minister for economic affairs stated ” venezuelan economy is in perfect shape, but the espected inflation for this year is 27 % “, how can you be a person that has “knowledge” of the economic world and say such an stupidity. Keeping always in mind that CADIVI and exchange control of currency should be a temporary economic action, but the goverment has twisted its purpose and transform it to a control action.

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