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Student Hunger Strike September 30, 2009

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College Students at the hunger strike

College Students at the hunger strike

Thanks to the courage of Julio Rivas, a college student, we have learned more about the sad reality suffered by the opposition. I am very proud of Julio Rivas. When I saw the news regarding his release from prison after spending a month in jail, it was a very emotional news and it was incredible to hear all the detail that Rivas disclosed about his incarceration. While in prison, Rivas communicated with many political prisoners by sending each others private letters with the intention of not loosing their sense of home. Often we do not understand the difference between a common criminal and a political one, but hearing Julio Cesar Rivas explain what it feels like being a political prisoner and how it differs from a person who paying regular crime, it gave me a sense of understanding about their struggle for justice. A political prisoner does not know what the future might hold for him, Hugo Chavez may decide to condemn him without trial or hearing. He is the law and everybody must obey him. Unfortunately in Venezuela today, there are no separations of powers, Hugo Chavez controls the judicial, legislative, executive, and electoral system. Pretty much he dominates everything that it is in front of him to get his way. I feel very proud of my fellow college students in Venezuela because they are sacrificing their future to fight for justice, human rights, and freedom of speech in Venezuela. Julio Rivas went to The OEA Agency in Caracas to thank all his friends for their support. They are going to join him in his hunger strike as a way to demonstrate to the government that the opposition is holding strong and will not give and inch in the fight for justice. In the eyes of many, Julio Rivas is seen as a hero from the minutes he was release from jail. His commitment to bring peace and justice for everyone is inspiring. His struggle and sacrifice show us that is LOVE for Venezuela! From here I join the cause too and I hope other college students will do the same!!! It is time to be active and start caring for our Venezuela!!!

Here is what Rivas had to said after his release.  The video is in Spanish but I am adding a second video in English explaining the situation.

Spanish Video


Online Sources:

  • Image:  El Universal
  • Video:  YouTube

3 Responses to “Student Hunger Strike”

  1. Esl Maracaibo Says:

    vamos a defender los derechos de los estudiantes para sacar una venezuela mejor

  2. Karla Says:

    Dear Carola,

    As Venezuelan students in the United States I sometimes feel guilty about the struggles that my friends and family are going through. I wish there was something more that we could do to protest and to support the opposition. It’s sad to see how Chavez is destroying our beautiful country. I too promise to take a part in the next election. Unfortunately, it has been very hard to register in the embassy, because they always give me a different excuse on why I can’t register. Thank you for voicing your opinion. I’m sure you are making more of a difference than you think.

  3. cassandra Says:

    Dear Carola: It is incredible the courage that this kid is having .Just after his release from prision he is speaking laud, very laud in the name of all students .
    The only thin that he want as all Venezuelans is fredom!!!
    God bless this boy and all the people who is in Jail .

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