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Ban on cartoons, what would be next? September 27, 2009

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TV Stations are foced by the government not to air the show

TV Stations are foced by the government not to air the show

Can you imagine your life without your favorite cartoon, TV show, or newscast? Well, now it’s time to think about it!!! Chavez is controlling the media by stating what channel to remove and now what program people can watch. This time was the turn for the hilarious programs “Family Guy” or “The Simpson.” Chavez wants to ban these American’s cartoon, since he insists that this program do not bring any good morals to society. Maybe Chavez wants to force us to watch the CADENAS? But fortunately that is not going to happen.

what is the main reason of the cancellation of the TV program? We all know that Chaves dislikes everything that comes or is made in the U.S.A. These cartoons reach millions of people, not just children but also adults who like to enjoy an hour laughing and enjoying with the silly jokes. Even I watched it sometimes. Please don’t tell anyone. According to Allgov.com “Television stations in Venezuela have been told by government officials not to air episodes of Family Guy because it promotes the use of marijuana (the episode where Brian the talking dog starts a campaign to legalize the drug). Last year, Chávez warned TV executives about showing The Simpsons, because of its “messages that go against the whole education of boys, girls and adolescents.”

Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami says the show should be banned because it promotes the use of marijuana. He took exception to a recent episode in which one character – Brian, a talking dog – started a campaign to legalise the drug. [Taken from BBC News]

Mr. Chavez what a good excuses !!! You don’t brainstorm too hard. It is Obvious that these programs are a threat for you and you go for the easy way as you usually do with all things. But you are forgetting that people are going to be able to watch their favorite programs online. So now, you can eliminate the programs but remember that there is always a back door. We learn that from, you don’t you think so ?

I think what is really important here is that the reach of the government to control people’s life has gone too far.  With this approach, Chavez clearly sends a message to cable companies that they are under the radar and he wants to force then to include in their programming his “Alo Presidente” show.  But the reality is that most people really want is to have some entertainment.  To call the show immoral because they use a paradox to make a joke is ridicules.  People have the right to choose what they want to watch, and they also have the option to turn the channel if they feel that the show is offensive.  It is important to realize that the choice is on the individual, the government has no right to control what a citizen choose to spend his personal time for entrainment.


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7 Responses to “Ban on cartoons, what would be next?”

  1. Venezuelan Thinker Says:

    Dear Carola: I belive your are giving an incorrect point of view in this matter, let me explain why. I invite you to see the statistics about children under the age of 16 that watch this two cartoon that you mentioned “family guy” and “the simpsons”, it shows that these kids are more propense to behave in a more sadistic manner than kids that dont watch the show. As a person that watch the show I have to agree that both these cartoon are hard in content for kids under 16. What the government propose to the TV station was not show this cartoon at an early showing, that they needed them to show them at night , but the TV station didnt agree because they show the Soap Operas (that you like so much 🙂 ).
    Once again I invite you to tell both sides of the story and let the reader make there on conclusions.
    OH, and as for the CADENAS , I have been back leaving in Venezuela for more than 2month know , and I havent seen one Cadena yet on the TV, and I dont know what people complain about the Cadenas or the Government trying to impose their way on the TV since a recent study showed that more than 65% of the country has some sort of cable television, and yes this is including the poor too, because one of the many ironic things about our country is that you may be going by (in Car) trough a poor neighborhood but you still see DirectTV antenas on their roof.

    PS: Remember Blogger Im not a Chavista or anything, Im just always trying to see both side of the coin and then deside, because REMEMBER Chavez government may be bad, but the Opposition is not going to be any better ( Or at least hasnt figure out a good candidate yet ) .

  2. Blake Says:

    I think that everyone should have the oppunity to watch anything he or she choses. It is not up to the government to chose the life style of its fellow citizens,but up to the people to chose for themselves.

  3. Venezuelan Thinker Says:

    Mr. Latin American Hope,

    To respond to you first argument , you are right about Family Guy and their target audience , but the problem was that they wanted to show this programs at a time were teenagers were watching tv ,, On your argument on how the GOV is controlling the media , I think that is debatable, let me tell you why. The government ( Chavez) didnt renew the consession for RCTV because look at this example or better yet an analogy, if you are a owner of an apartment ( GOV) and you rent that aapartment to a person X ( RCTV) and this person behaves in a way that you consider inmoral and not just, would u renew the contract to that person? , so thats the way I look things about RCTV wich in fact most people still see this channel because they are still on air , just on a private airwave. That Chavez close many radio stations? yeah thats true, but as the nephew of a person that owned some of those station I have to agree on some why? , because in my uncles stations they were exploting the workers that work there and the owners were taking the majority of the profits , do you have an idea on how much money a radio station makes on propaganda and advertisements? a lot of money , how much of that money goes to their workers 5 to 10 % Tops , the rest for the owners, I can agree that maybe the closing wasnt the best solution , but Ive seen the many letters that the GOV send my uncle to raise the wage on his radio workers and fail to do this because he thought that the GOV will never close his stations.
    I think we can all agree that Venezuela is not as his best, but lets be Honest, the communication systems in this country are biased to each side. If you look at Globovision and RCTV you feel like you are leaving in IRAK and if you turn the GOV Channel you feel you are leaving in switzerland were everytrhing is perfect.

    I have a note on your economic argument for the country , I totally agree on how the GOV is not controlling well the oil industry in Venezuela, i really think thats an area that we need to change now or we are facing worse times, but why this is Chavez Fault? let me tell you why I bealive why, because when Chavez got in power he change the old mentality that the oil industry had that was produce her and send the profits abroad, that changed and he injected the country with so much cash ( A terrible mistake) why? because since everybody had money then the inflation ratio went through the roof, the dollar went sky high, no cars are available to buy, etc. After this happened he must had figured out that he made the mistake and he created CADIVI and made the exchange control, but still the damage was done.

    As a Final Note: we must remember past presidents that this country had and nobody said nothing , we went from presidents being alcoholics and nobody said nothing , president were their mistress acted as First Lady (Blanca Ibanez). Their view was rich people getting richer and poor getting poorer , now is not any better but atleast the poor are better and the money staying in the country. Why does presidents didnt had a bad media , because they had all the owners of the communication systems on their side, which Chavez obviously does not have.
    Thanks your arguments, and lets all work for a better Venezuela, thats why I came here to do , and Like Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see”

  4. Rolando Says:

    Well I believe in personal decisions, meaning that you are the one that is in charge of your decisions and the consequences. For example, with these shows some people watch and they laugh, but there are other people who just find it offensive. It all depends on the person that chooses to or not to watch them. But lately, i have heard of kids that probably stay without their parents knowing and they watch these programs. Even though they air at a really late time. In that case i would recommend all parents look out for their children, but it is true everyone has to make a decision to watch what they want. For example someone can tell me that a certain movie was really good, but when i watch it i dont like it. In this case if you dont like it and you find the content offensive then switch then channel, there isnt just one channel on cable or directv. nobody forces you to watch this, even thought i myself find these contents very immoral but if you want to go ahead. There are decisions to make in life but you are the one in charge of those decisions.

  5. Beatriz Says:

    Governments all over the world put restrictions on media outlets, of course some governments are more lenient than others. For years here in the United States, the Bush administration prevented media outlets from broadcasting footage of soldiers caskets coming home. Although I do find that this choice by that administration to be too restrictive. I find that Chavez’s decision to ban Family Guy and The Simpsons telling of a man who is afraid of cultural criticism. Its these types of shows that bring topics to the forefront that their target audience may not pay much attention to or think about. Shows like these (The Daily Show in the U.S. for example) satirize political events in a way that entertain and may call more attention. And what of the Venezuelan voice? Can a Venezuelan man or woman voice their criticism to the masses without worrying about getting pulled off the air, or worse yet get murdered for their ideas? Not too long ago a Colombian comedian Jaime Garzon was murdered. It is well known that his acts involved politically charged commentary. Speech should be protected at all costs, even the speech of cartoon drawings.

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