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Crime, violence and Barinas September 25, 2009

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Kidnapping is on the rise

Kidnapping is on the rise

The violence in Venezuela is in its worst moments.  With all the changes that the country has had, the biggest concern for most people is the famous “motorizado”, or motorcycle ride.  A thief in a motorcycle you can find it everywhere, it has become an epidemic. All I know is that people get paranoid as soon as they see a motorcycle.  My friend Karen got her cell phone stolen by a motorcycle rider.  There is the feeling of distrust and panicking when you  see a motorcycle rider   Would you like to be a victim of a motorcycle rider?  Well, at least I do not want to. I hear from my family who live in Venezuela that they are tire of the motorcycle of robbing and violating the law every day. It looks like know we need to have 360 degree eyes in order to protect ourselves from these criminals.

It is very frustrating to see that the government do nothing to solve the problem of intense violence in all major cities in Venezuela, but what is even worse is that President Chavez is inciting the violence nationally and internationally by his often comments about social classes. Not too long ago, my cousin in Caracas had to fight for his life. He went to a public beach with some friends, when suddenly a couple in a motorcycle started assaulting everybody at the beach.. The thieves took cars, personal belongings, and anything of value. My cousin and his friends were left is their summing suit and their towels. It was not enough to take everything, but to add to the insult, they fired a few bullets to the air. I am very disappointed with the local authorities that this kind of situation is happening and there is no action by the authorities. Now citizens are scare everywhere they go, people prefer to be in their house than to expose themselves to violence. Millions of Venezuelans had suffered from vandalism and will still suffer if we don’t stop somehow this epidemic.
Crime and violence has turned into a new easy going business in Venezuela: Sucuestros Express or Kidnapping. I am not kidding!!!!!! The numbers of secuestros express in Venezuela are in a rise. In a recent published report, the number of kidnapping has double from last years. As of July of this year there is been 454 cases compared to 612 of last year.

“Meanwhile, new figures show kidnappings climbing to 454 known cases in the first six months of 2009, including about 66 in Barinas, compared with a nationwide 2008 estimate of between 537 and 612. But officials acknowledge that the true figures are probably higher because many cases are never reported.” [The Nwe York Times]

The statistics are alarming, according to the Interior Ministry, 2 abductions per every 100,000 inhabitants at a national level but the numbers are even scarier in Barinas home state to the president. The numbers in Barinas are 7.2 kidnapping per every 100,000 inhabitants, a number that is worse than those seen in countries like Mexico and Colombia. Let’s remember that Barinas is one of the poorest states in Venezuela, with an average income of $800 USD per month according to the National Statistics Institute. I know that some of you might think that this is only a problem for the wealthy, but early this year there was a case in Barinas where the abductor forced the family to sell their refrigerator to pay for the ransom. Criminals see this type of activity as an easy way to make money.

I belief that like the image on this post, most citizens are blindfolded by the goverment.  We hear that things are getting better, that all this fuzz about violence and crime is a propaganda created by the opposition to make the government look bad.  But the cruel reality is that hundreds of people are kidnapped and their families are forced to sell everything they have to pay the ransom, and it is something that is affecting everyone in Venezuela.   We need to put a stop to this madness, we need to demand that the local authorities and the government do something to solve the problem.  We need it NOW.


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4 Responses to “Crime, violence and Barinas”

  1. Venezuelan Thinker Says:

    Dear Carola: I invite you to see the new figures and statistics, that show that 35% or the robberies that occur in the country are done by citizens of the middle class. This was published by a newpaper recently … why? , because Venezuelans likes the easy things , if you have a friend that is rich you pay some guys to steal from them and you get part of the pot. This is why the majority of the “secuestros express” the victims dont get hurt…

    Im really amaze about this percentage , and is something i bealive to be true…
    Again im trying to give another side of the story but without choosing a side so that the reader can make their own conclusions.

    Remember one thing that I once told you , with hate and anger towards somebody is sometimes difficult to make good and objectives opinions about that person!!

    • Roberto Sierra Says:

      VT, i am having a hard time digesting what you are saying, it makes no sense to me. Let me illustrate:
      “you have a friend that is rich you pay some guys to steal from them and you get part of the pot. ”
      i dont know, but you are not a FRIEND if you pull a stunt like that. you are really mess up. There have to be something wrong with you to do that to your friends

    • Roberto Sierra Says:

      where did you get that statistic about 35% of the crimes are from middle class citizens. I read the article used in the post and it does not mention eanything about what you claim. here is the link,
      so you can see for yourself. I would like to read the article you talked about, can you publish the link to it.


  2. Roderick Cooper Says:

    Dear Carola,

    I was wondering why can’t we have peace in the world? Is it beacause some people are not treated with respect or freedom? Next thing you know there will be shooting at the Miss Universe Pagaent. I just want to say this but there are also killing everwhere in the world. Just starting by abortion. P.S. Sorry this is WAY of subject.

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