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Technology and Communication September 24, 2009

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After almost two weeks of blogging, I realize that while Hugo Chavez is desperately closing radio stations, the voice of the people will find a channel to reach an audience.  I sit her now, typing this post comfortably watching my favorite soup opera  and turning to my computers during commercials to type a few words.  I have that freedom, there is no pressure to think about what words to use, or think about my tone or style.  I simply sit here and hope that something will come to mind and write about that.

In two weeks,  over 38 people  has visit and comment on my blog.  Their opinion and insight of the situation in Venezuela are great inspiration to continue with this task, which at first was an assignment and has turned into a passion.  I never expected to connect with so many people, from different backgrounds and ideology but unified with one purpose in mind: to find a solution.  Chavez wants to isolate the opposition, he is afraid his followers would turned against him.  He knows how powerful and effective is the use of communication, the use of the media and a collective message.

Unfortunately, Hugo Chavez cannot  stop the desire and will of those who wants a Venezuela free to all.  A nation that will have problems, just like any other nation in the world, but it will be able to find a solution through a Democratic channel.  It is somewhat of a paradox that the Internet, an invention that in its root is based in a Socialist principle is helping the opposition to continue to deliver a message of hope and inspiration to others wherever they may be.  I know that when you read this post you will find the drive to continue to peacefully speak out, to maintain alive the channel of communication so others can find a mean to connect and share ideas.  The use of technology has expanded the borders of our nation to a global proportion.  No longer the opposition is found in the demonstrations and marching peacefully, we are everywhere there is a live connection to the the Internet..


5 Responses to “Technology and Communication”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    Dear Blogger:
    Im very praud of people like you who can sit in their computers trying to connect others whith this wonderful blog.
    Keep going girl! Maybe the topic that you choose was very sensitive for so many, but it is an eye opener for so many ohers who think that the world will be not afected by the revolution on the XXI Century . Just watch What is happening in Honduras right now, What happened in Ecuador, Nicaragua,Bolivia. Dont you think this revolution will be spred soon in all the American continent?

  2. Nicole Says:

    Maybe when Cuba started it’s dictatorship all the technology was not available to the population where they could get both sides of the story. Now in the 21st century many of us have the opportunity to have many sources of information at our fingertips, which makes it that much more difficult for someone like Chaves to convince the population that socialism is the way to go. The oposition has definitivelly taken advantage of the internet as a way to distribute the other side of the story making it available for everyone worldwide

  3. Claudia Says:

    Hey Blogger,

    What you blog about today is such a sensitive yet real subject to us all. And it also inspired me to appreciate what we have and to be thankful.

    Regarding President Hugo Chavez, well there is not much to say about that. As everybody always says “actions speak louder than words.” And in Venezuela’s current scenario, I think this expression speaks volumes.

    Chavez has said a lot through his actions. But this one seems to hurt. People have been attached to these mediums of communication for decades. A simple radio station, a simple morning show, is what delivers the news. Without these mediums we will live in a separate world. By Chavez taking away TV and Radio Stations he is only showing us that he wants control in all aspects of life.

    Going back to the blog about “Cadenas,” which we all hate and dread everyday. This is just another way people are loosing their freedom of speech, and any freedom to be in touch with entertainment and the outside world.

    Chavez is brainwashing the people, and this will be an easier way to do it. By destroying other opinions and only delivering his.

  4. Carlos G Says:

    Carola: I have read a couple of your articles and I am really amazed how well articulated you write, congratulation I think you do it very well and they are so easy to read. Please keep up writing I strongly believe you have done a great job!

  5. Arturo Says:

    Way to go, Carola. Judging from your contribution to the fight for freedom, you will become a source of inspiration for many, not only in your dear Venezuela, who struggle daily with the harsh reality of a political system that some people like Castro and Chavez pretend to impose on all Latin Americans. Keep the good work!

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