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How easily we forget September 23, 2009

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Hugo Chavez visiting King Juan Carlos

Hugo Chavez visiting King Juan Carlos

After a 11 days trip around the world, president Hugo Chavez came home. During his travel, he visited 11 countries, dined with some good old friends, made a couple of new ones, and tried to re-established broken relationships. The purpose of his trip was to show the world his true intentions. He arrived in Libya in time to celebrate, Moammar Khadafy’s 40 years of dictatorship. What is funny about this is that Khadafy seized power in a coup, something Chavez opposed because of what happened to his dear friend ex-president Manuel Zelaya. Later, he traveled to Syria, where he made sure to insult the people of Israel and self-declare himself the new “Chavez of Arabia”. The next couple of days, he visited, Iran, Belarus, Turkmenistan, and Russia among other nations. He is been in Russia a few times before, so he made sure to do something special for this occasion. He offered diplomatic recognition to Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two territories seized by Russia in the war against Georgia last year.

Chavez is doing what most American presidents have done when they are in troubled back home: Travel the World. Bill Clinton did it during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and later during the investigation and George Bush during his second term when nothing was working for him. At home, the president of Venezuela, face food shortages, an epidemic of criminal violence, and an inflation rate of 25 to 30 percent. His supporters are thinning everyday and are turning hostile to his socialist agenda, which is growing into an authoritarian rule. With George Bush out of the picture, Chavez constant attacks on the United States has lost its power, since President Obama is quite popular in Latin America.

But what was most significant about his last trip was his visit to Spain. If we recall the American Summit of 2007, President Chavez misbehaved when he called ex-president of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar a fascist, and later heckling President Zapatero during his speech. King Juan Carlos could not stand it any more and told him: “Why don’t you just shut up!”  The reaction made it to the front pages of all major newspapers around the world, and the phrase became very popular. At that time, Spain, considered closing all diplomatic relationships with Venezuela. Action followed by Hugo Chavez with him calling his ambassador in Spain and threatening to seize all Spanish business.

In 2007, he got into trouble when he misbehaved, heckling the Spanish prime minister while he was giving a speech. King Juan Carlos finally told him: “Why don’t you just shut up!” Across Latin America after that, the king’s catch phrase was printed on T-shirts, and millions of people downloaded a recording of Juan Carlos saying “Shut up!” as a cell-phone ring tone.

Unlike last time, this time Hugo Chavez was in a more friendly mood. He addressed the King my making a small joke about his beard, telling him that it looks like Fidel Castro’s. The king responded with a smile. He later move to talk about more serous business, like a peace treaty with Colombia, where Zapatero has agreed to be a mediator. Chavez opposed the measure taken by President Uribe allowing the US to establish more military bases in Colombia.


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3 Responses to “How easily we forget”

  1. Luis Gonzalez Says:

    Chavez’s Venezuela is a clear example of what happens when the people turn to a socialist form of government in order to meet their needs. It cannot be done, it is not self sustainable, it breaks the laws of economics. So what happens then?? When the government sees that the people are starting to not look so kindly on their policies and threaten with dissent… the socialist government (STILL THINKING IT KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COLLECTIVE GOOD) takes and takes more and more control of our liberty, of our choices (because since the government knows best then ofcourse the government starts to make decisions for us). The most extreme of cases can be seen in the former Soviet Union and Cuba, where Socialism turned into communism. In the advanced stages, is Chavez’s Venezuela. In the middle of the road is Western Europe with Zapatero’s Spain leading the pack. And in the baby stages but growing into a healthy child is Obama’s administration in the United States.

    When did we become pawns to the media? When did we decide that the government knew best how to handle our lives? When did producers become subject to tyranny of the recepeint? Since, when is it a god given human right for the government to provide our every need? When did we start demanding that our needs are met without providing a useful service to the economy? When did the freedom to work hard and enjoy the fruit of your labor become the freedom to hardly work and enjoy the fruit of someone else’s labor?

  2. Anna Says:

    I agree with the King President HUgo Chavez should just shut up! Next thing you know is that Queen Elizabeth will cut of Hugo’s head when he says for her to shut up. Hopefully in the next few years Gavez will come down as President and then die! NO More CHAVEZ

  3. Venezuelan Thinker Says:

    What happened of the day of the Famous shut up, was that Chavez was trying to tell the current prime miniter of Spain (Mr. Zapatero) that the ex-prime minister (Mr. Aznar) was on world tour trashtalking about the Venezuelan government, when In fact Chavez brought some proof to the table were Mr. Aznar and Don Juan Carlos (king of Spain) were involved in a money laundring issue, this is why the reaction of the king because he was being unmasked. But now you see how Chavez and the King are back again being friends , this is how politics work!! ..

    Ps: I as an individual dont think wishing the dead of a person will solve our problems, let just as Venezuelans try to give our best behavior to our country and work hard for it and wait until the elections come and bring him down democratically, because as we can see that the Venezuelan opposition hasnt come up with a good candidate why? because they all want a part of the same corruption proceess that sadly govern us …

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