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Support Chavez or go to jail September 22, 2009

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President Hugo Chavez thinks he is above the Constitution

President Hugo Chavez thinks he is above the Constitution

Who has never complaint about something?  I personally has never met anyone who does not have an opinion about how to improve, do, or make something better. Actually, hearing complaints is so popular that companies created a special department for customers to do this, customer service. But what do you do when is the government that has not been meeting you expectations? Where do you go? Well, as most people, all we really know what to do in such cases is to complain.

During the 50’s, Rose Park complained by refusing to move to the back of the bus. She decided at that moment that it was enough and her bold action inspired others to complaint until the government realized that something needed to be done to bring justice to the system. But it was not the government who brought the change, it was an ordinary woman who refused to endure an injustice anymore.

In the last ten years, Venezuelans awaited a change. When President Hugo Chavez took over, many had a hope for better things to a country that desperately needed justice. Many saw a new beginning to bring peace and progress to a nation that is ready to show its best colors to the world.  But the reality Venezuelans face today is worst than awaking from a bad dream and all hopes of change has been shattered by the tyranny of a mad man: Hugo Chavez.

There is no doubt Venezuela has changed, it is not the place I remembered.  Immediately after taking over as head of state, Chavez wanted control over the whole nation.  He started changing the law, setting a new constitution  and setting a defense against the opposition.  He was no more a democratic president elected by the people, he was a dictator controlling the people.  The graphic I used for this post is perfect.  There he is, cutting the constitution to crowned himself as a ruler.  What is really sad is that he does not want any criticism, he wants everyone to support him.

In Venezuela, only one voice counts and we all know that is “ rojo, rojito” or those who support Chavez. If you are part of the opposition, you may have to think twice if it is worth it to participate in a protests. It is true that you need to be active in order to achieve a change in society, but at what cost? According to the Associated Press,

over 2,000 opponents of President Hugo Chavez have gone to trial over the last seven years for crimes stemming from their participation in protests and dozens are currently in prison, ….Over 300 of those arrested during that period were jailed, and 40 remain in prison” [Associated Press]

It is obvious that Chavez or his political affiliation wants to segregate the opposition as much as possible. They want to destroy anyone who has the courage to complaint against the government.  They are afraid that a leader might rise from the crowd to lead the opposition to challenge the government.  They want to scare anyone who oppose their regime, and the best way to do it is by setting an example of those that lead the demonstrations. His government wants to create massive fear in the population so citizens are forced to simply accept whatever he proposes.

The president is creating a corrupt environment, dividing families and forcing people to massive migration.  It is not fair that I cannot express myself, instead I have to pretend that I am living in a marvelous  dreams from which I will never awake from.  I am not a leader, but I want just like others throughout history had the chance to complaint against that which I feel needs improvement.


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One Response to “Support Chavez or go to jail”

  1. Pancha josefina Says:

    There is not daubt that Venezuela had change. My venezuela is today different as it was many years ago(now with this dictator and his rules, that he change every day ). Its almost impossible to have a voice, a loud voice who can tell the goverment or the rojos,rojitos what they are doing is wrong. They are not listening and not interested in. They are just impossing theis ideas of the revolution and Chaves some times said ” If you are not agree in what we are doing , here is the door, we do not need you here . What a sad situation my people is living there . if you want to survive , just shut your mouth and let it go.

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