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Who indoctrinates who? September 20, 2009

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The recently promulgated law, which outlines the new Venezuelan’s education system, has triggered a series of protests by the Venezuelan opposition. Often the opposition’s massive manifestations of disapproval towards this newly approved law are violently repelled using tear gas and jet propulsion unhygienic water. Chavez’s detractors believe that Chavez wants to change the current multicultural education, which is opened to every ideology, for an education that he calls socialists, where only one type of education is possible and considered the best one: Cuba’s communist education.

However, according to Chavez, the education system that operated before he was elected president, more than 10 years ago, was exclusionary. He says that, at that time, young people had been indoctrinated to be exploited and propagate class divisions, and that the imparted education, the capitalisms’ doctrine as he names it , put in their minds that Whites are superior, Blacks are inferior, and  Indians are worthless or nothing at all. In addition, he says that the educative system governed then by capitalists sees individuals as products that have the potential to generate profits. On the other hand, he says that his education is a socializing tool that allows people to unite and grow and that it will help develop an integral society. Nevertheless, judging by the size of the protests, intensity and rationale of their arguments, there is no doubt that most Venezuelans are very concerned and do not want their children to be educated under Chavez’s ideology. All indicates that it is somebody else who wants to indoctrinate the future of Venezuela.

It is evident that the majority in Venezuela  don’t agree with the  Educational Reform. Below is a video clip from France 24, an international news channels, reporting from Caracas.  The images shows the reality Venezuela is living today, not a mirage which Chavez is selling  to the world. The president continues to treat Venezuelans as puppets, where he can destroy and  eliminates all reference of its citizens.  It is time to stop this…. Don’t you think so?


Online Sources:
  • Video: Fox News, Youtube

One Response to “Who indoctrinates who?”

  1. Fernanada Elizalde Says:

    Carola – Before I got pregnant I used to not worry about the children’s education but now that I am expecting my first son this is a topic that really concerns me. Children spend much of their day in school and the time left to learn at home is limited. So we need to ensure that the education our children is exposed to is not from one ideology, but rather one that promotes creativity and freedom of speech.

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