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Fear of Revolution September 18, 2009

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I want to express myself to the outside world and  let everyone out there how I feel. Through blogging, my thoughts can reach more people across the world and allow fellow bloggers, family, and friends interact with me easily. Freedom of expression is a human right, it gives us the ability to be unique and have a sense of pride.  But what happens, when you have the fear to speak out because the government is going after you, your family or your job?

In the election of 2005, the opposition gathered signatures  requesting a recall referendum against President Hugo Chavez.  Luis Tascon, a deputy for Chavez’s party, created  “THE TASCON LIST”.    Tascon compiled a list containing the ID Number, names, and address  of all the citizens that signed the referendum against Chavez.   The government then blacklist all those who supported the destitution of the president.  People started losing their jobs and were segregated from society because their ideology differed from the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Tascon list was transmited into the Maisanta program which now lists ALL of Venezuelan electors. Now the government through Maisanta can decide, according to the voting pattern, who is a “real” patriot and who is a traitor. We are now past the apartheid stage of the Tascon list (though this novel apartheid will never go away as some who did not go to Reparo under pressure still got problems at work). Now all Venezuelans are listed and all Venezuelans are under scrutiny whenever they seek to exert any of their constitutional rights or demand the services expected from the state. The Maisanta list tunes up the voting pattern by listing any pro-Chavez social program that a given elector is enrolled in.

Chavez can mock us by asking/announcing that the Tascon list “be buried”. But no one has been punished for its use. And the Maisanta is rolling freely around. Yet another one of Chavez lies.   [Taken from The Consequences of the Tascon List]

Many had no choice than to leave the country and start a new life in a foreign land.  They were no longer welcome in their own nation. These people were harassed and forced to leave their jobs, social status, and hometowns because they did what comes naturally against an oppression: PROTEST.  They spoke out against a government that no longer was representing the values and principle of a peaceful nation.  A country that wanted a change for the better, but never for the worse.  The people rose their voice and say NO, but instead they were silenced by a corrupted regime that saw the opportunity to labeled those who opposed them.

I need to be sincere with you….  I have not voted yet.  When I moved to the USA, I was 15 years old and voting was not my priority. But when I see the direction my country is taking now, I raise my voice and ask for a change.  To stop the government from limiting people’s rights.   I want to make a PROMISE to my bloggers that I will vote in the next presidential election. I want  a government that I chose to be there to represent me, not a personal agenda.  I want you to make the same promise.  We have the obligation to fight for what it is ours, to fight for a country that is beautiful and peaceful, and  leave a legacy for our children.

Don’t you think so?

I apologize for not posting a video in English, but for those who speak Spanish I think the images will speak for themselves.  In short, the video recounts the suffering people endured from the government after signing the petition to stop the referendum.  With a BIG BROTHER approach, Chavistas prosecuted the opposition and pressure them to the point of fear.


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